And Justice For All

Drafts 1, 2 & 3 of the Alabama Legal Twilight Zone

Update, 12/18/17 – after two years and two formal complaints to the Alabama Ethics Commission, they say there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Lara Alvis. 😂 She submitted a rebuttal that explained why she took trips with the other parent while serving as GAL, wouldn’t allow teenagers to speak, threatened and coerced them, and allowed the defendant to work on her judicial campaign as far as a hunting ranch in Wisconsin, traveling with her family.

The Alabama Bar Reviewed referred me to the Alabama Ethics Commission.

No word from attorney Steve Marshall’s office.


Imagine if you will….

There is a dimension beyond that which is known to common citizens: normal families, who get up and go about their business each day. These people are so busy with their jobs, family and other activities -their heads are in the sand to what goes on around them – sometimes in their own community.

Well, I was forced to look up. It was kind of like taking the red pill or blue pill in The Matrix.

Beyond our dreamy state of a somewhat selfish bubble is a world we’ve heard rumors about, but never actually believed could be true.

I guess when it comes to the legal system I seriously, deep down, thought good wins in the end? The truth always comes out?

No. Well, not yet anyway.

We live in a fallen world, under the authority of an evil that roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour. So, we know life isn’t going to fair, but when do you fight for what’s right? What if after battling… the White Witch actually won, or Sauron got the ring instead of Frodo?

It was a situation from the Lord, involving persecution, that required a level of trust exceeding anything I’ve ever been capable of believing. I would not make it. Tolerating the agony and pain of a broken heart and mind was seemingly beyond repair. I updated my life insurance…

Let’s focus in on the map, to a county in Alabama, where the courthouse and those who run it, get away with deceiving the public when they go through their secret back doors.

I know, I know…this is Alabama. Newsflash. Keysha just figured out the crooked politicians and legal system really are like the dang Mafia, and who go to church on Sunday.

Think of how disgusted you are when you hear of someone in a position like a teacher or clergy – someone given charge and trust over children – and they betray that trust for their own selfish desires. They harm those under their care, verbally, emotionally, and God forbid, physically, to seek a pleasurable outcome in their favor.

Imagine a Guardian ad Litem, an attorney assigned to represent children or young teenagers, who masquerades as a voice for the voiceless, who campaigns for what is true, just and noble, and then you see them for what they really are.

They are plotting, manipulating, lying and greedily stacking their coins, all while the other good and noble legal representatives, lawyers and judges alike, just sit around and watch. Heck, some are even helping, and laughing at what they get away with and boasting of their untouchable power. Some hide in the corner hoping their active involvement in the deception isn’t noticed.

If the rulers are corrupt, and they rule themselves, then who can hold them accountable? Who would go after people at multiple levels within a county courthouse? Ethics Commission? Board Review? Attorney General?

As of this updated post…I haven’t found anyone who can.  And I’ve called a lot of people, and I’ve reported it and mailed letters. I’m about to start my next campaign and at least let the public know about this battle, because I can’t be the only one. In fact, the recent perjury trial from a GAL/Jefferson County DA and refueled my fire to bring about justice no awareness to the ridiculous circus operating in marble halls.

The higher you go, the more corruption you find. The more people you call…the more silent treatment you get. Is it because to push over one domino is to topple them all?  Is the good, old boy network so impenetrable that all is lost? Or maybe the few that are still honest want to stay under the radar and not attempt a battle, knowing to go against their own could be a career killer?

I am one mom, along with my two children (teenagers), who were betrayed by this system. Civil rights were violated, laws were broken and ethics were no where to be found. And no one wants to own up to it or address it. The files and offices are more locked down than the president’ bunker, and you’ll need nuclear launch codes to access any of my fuels on Alacourt.

After accusing me of being unable to carry out custodial parent duties  (based on what?);

After nearly 40 letters of character references from co-workers, former supervisors, church friends, school friends, and State Representatives Allen Farley and Cam Ward, in an attempt to prove how absurd the defense’s claims were – they finally dismiss the psychological evaluation.

Motion after motion that rivals a stack of encyclopedias was filed just for the sake of filing. He said-she said claims that went absolutely no where, but why?? What was I missing? I was fasting and praying and had friends interceding for these people by name, all of us believing the truth would come to light, but it did not.

I walked into what was a visitation hearing in December 2015, over what day the girls actually left for Christmas and was immediately handcuffed, with chains around my waist, and placed in the jury box.

When the boot cuffs wouldn’t fit, the judge sent the baliff out to get bigger ones while the court reporter glared at me (my gosh, what had she been told), then I was turned against the wall as my legs were also shackled. The judge looks at me at one point and says, “Don’t you dare move.”

Uh, okay. Am I in the wrong room? Is this actually a murder trial and I’ve been confused with someone else? This was about the date/time/location of parental visitation between two people who had been divorced for 13 years, where the children cried and begged not to go due to the erratic treatment from their father and stepmother.

For the next few hours, two lawyers and a judge verbally assault me with accusations the GAL had filed in a multi-page motion only hours before, from information obtained from the defendant (my ex-husband). We barely had time to draft a response and I don’t even remember if it was accepted in time.

Okay…don’t panic. This happens, right?There are always two sides and divorced people typically don’t like each other. Wait your turn.

But, I never got a turn. In fact, my attorney didn’t get much of one either. These people, and apparently anyone working in the surrounding courthouse offices had been whipped into a frenzy while I was pulling in the parking lot drinking my coffee.

Although time has passed, I still remember the judge looking at me and stating, “what type of fine Christian lady would be this way,” and “the only reason you won’t go to jail today is it would ruin your kids’ Christmas.”

Go to jail? For what? Oh – one of the defense attorneys threw out a random number of days the father claimed he had missed visitation, (no specific dates or documentation provided to back this up,  so they wanted me charged with 180 days in jail). And They Did!

Court transcripts will show I asked at least five times to speak, but was not allowed to, or offer any defense by my attorney (who is one of the finest men in Alabama with a 50-year legal career), against allegations backed by zero evidence, no witness testimony…claims completely fabricated by my ex-husband, his wife and the Guardian as Litem, who was appointed by the court to protect and defend the children’s voice.

This was beyond the shadow of a doubt not the voice of my children, and nothing close to the truth.

Frankly, I wanted to die during this time. I was suffocating. If my own well-respected attorney was silenced and threatened with jail time along with me, and these other people in judicial authority could just walk in and make up – seriously – whatever they wanted, SEAL the file, dare me to mention it to anyone, and judge me unfairly, then what chance did I have? When you can attack citizens, close the file to where no one can see what you did, you get away with…murder?

I was broken. I was defeated. I was alone. And I could not figure out for anything why they were after me. I’m a nobody. What was the motive? Wasn’t this supposed to be about the kids and their voice?

This attack might have had something to do with when my attorney put the GAL on the stand in a previous, closed hearing, where he tried to expose her crooked ways. It was all the talk at the courthouse. Other “officers of the court” came to watch the “showdown.” It appears that ticked off the judge and the GAL, and now the GAL has an attorney representing her, too. Her husband. Now, I’m in the middle of a legal pissing contest, excuse the language.

Back to the months of hearing – my teenagers weren’t allowed to speak either. In fact, the GAL didn’t want them in court. If they were allowed to speak truth against her lies, her perjury – then her little show would be over. They were allowed once, early on, and only with her leading the questioning behind closed doors with the judge.

There was constantly an excuse of why they didn’t need to appear in court because it would be “too traumatic.” However, nothing stopped the trauma from being inflicted when the Guardian ad Litem placed phone calls to the children as late as 10pm at night, screaming at them and threatening to take them away from their mom if they defied her. The older sister said the younger sister sat under her covers at their dad’s house and cried for hours yelling, “She couldn’t take this anymore.”

Many nights they cried themselves to sleep over the treatment received from this legal system. There was anxiety, depression, behavior changes, trouble with schoolwork, and a multiple levels of psychological abuse at the hands of those elected or hired to serve and protect.

Now we are into summer 2016.

Call DHR? Call a counselor? Uh, they weren’t interested. DHR in one county said there was a “conflict” – meaning they worked with this GAL and couldn’t go against her. When someone from another county was called in…it was, “psychological abuse is hard to prove, but if someone hits them let us know and we will open a file.”

But, God….

Photos and documents were starting to be secretly passed to us from outside the legal community showing photos of the GAL and my ex-husband on a hunting trip together in Wisconsin, with the GAL’s family, while my ex-husband filmed a tv show segment for her 2017 circuit judge campaign. Photos were quickly removed from the hunting lodge website while he continued a tirade of derogatory social media posts about me with that local hunting show, and on his personal pages.

Now, please remember this wasn’t his attorney. This was the GAL, court-appointed attorney assigned to represent our children, where we each paid a $1,000 retainer for her unbiased opinion of the girls. She met with them in her office. Once. In an entire year.

A photo appeared on the front page of the Shelby County Reporter featuring my children’s GAL, my ex-husband and his wife, in a restaurant where several individuals gathered to celebrate judicial election results for the GAL.

My ex-husband wasn’t a resident of Shelby County, but actively campaigned for the GAL both on social media, in print, and bonus magnetic car signs on his truck.

Finally, finally…things were starting to make sense. Some light was breaking through the mad darkness of why this woman, who was so on the side of my children, made them promises of relief, suddenly turned mid-year against us.

She had made a new friend with their dad who could help promote her campaign for circuit judge through some of his television and second amendment connections. Who paid for the trip to Wisconsin? Who paid for their outing at the University of Alabama before that? Was a GAL and one of the parents in her case supposed to be having a relationship like this?

When this situation, and relationships outside the courtroom that tainted the case, including 13 or more pages of photos, website screenshots, and media article were exposed in a court filing in July 2017, everyone scattered like roaches when the light turns on.

The ink wasn’t dry on my filing to set aside the horrendous ruling of my jail time charged, $19,000 in GAL fees, and to, uh, take away full custody of my two children after raising them for 14 years – that the original judge recused himself. The same day. It was probably the quickest anyone had ever moved on a courthouse document when you sign yourself off the case in just a matter of hours.

Do you hear the sound of dominos falling?

One by one, all of the judges in that courthouse recused themselves, because that Guardian ad Litem was now one of them, and I had filed a bar complaint against her.

It has been nearly 2 years of hearings, meetings, delays – and now she had been elected as a circuit judge. Perhaps, one of the most evil people I have ever known in my life, and witnessed their complete insanity first hand, was now a judge in my own county.

Naively, I felt the judge, once discovering the truth, would reverse all of his horrible judgments against me. He was sorry – he had said he had no idea what she was doing during the trial.

No, he didn’t. It was circle the wagons and avoid public exposure. As of 10.26.17, it has been fifteen months of complete silence from the civil courts in Alabama. There was a new judge assigned from another county through Montgomery.

When I called the Alabama Ethics Comission, they had never had a case against this GAL, like I was promised there would be.

I had been previously approached by an attorney who vowed to help us because he, too, was adamantly against this individual, but then he keeps telling me not to file a jusicial complaint against the judge who allowed this to happen…oh, wait, they know each other…okay, you’re long-time friends with the judge?

Yes, go after the GAL, but not the judge, because he’s completely innocent and had no idea she was having a one-sided hearing with him in his office and in the courtroom?

Who are these people?

What’s happening? Who is protecting who?

Bonus: There’s a separate criminal case, in a different county, where my ex-husband pulled a gun in front of our younger daughter the day the civil judge recused himself (July 2016), in order to shoot the older daughter’s iPhone that I bought. He also smashed her new laptop for college that her stepdad had gotten her. We filed a police report, swore out a warrant and he was eventually arrested. This criminal trial has been postponed numerous times since September 2016, while his new defense attorney thinks of reasons for delay.

UPDATE: St Clair Co did convict this fall on criminal charges.

This all started in the freshman high school year of my oldest daughter, and she is now a freshman in college.

Sure, there’s more encyclopedias of information in this case that a team of lawyers would probably lose their mind over.

I almost lost mine. I really did. The thorny branches of depression, anxiety and darkness had me at the edge of the cliff, it confined me to my bed for months and I barely had an emotion left in me, but I was saved from that evil…saved from the emotional damages and afflications from people who might end up being your neighbors or friends.

You can put me in jail, although amazingly all those terrible things you said about me just went away when I held your feet to the fire. When you were exposed.

You can threaten me, write articles about me, post pitiful Facebook messages about your plight…

But, I’m awake again now, and each one of you will answer to your offenses. This isn’t a public threat to violence. It’s a promise that I will write and call and fill out forms, and demand from our local and state government that you are investigated. I will never stop seeking to expose you and what you did, until the day I feel restitution has been satisfied.

I’m not afraid of you, Alabama Legal System. You already sought my very life, so a few threats of throwing me in jail might be just the public attention this needs. I know all about your mountain of motions and paperwork that seek to wear down people until they give up.

I think…you just might owe me at this point in punitive damages.

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