The Queen of Sheba

Has anyone ever questioned your faith?

If you were in a conversation or debate on campus or at work, and topics of the Bible came up, could you defend why you believe the God of the Bible?

Those that do not believe, especially those who hate God, will throw out all kinds of questions in hopes of confusing you, just like the religious leaders did to Jesus.

This is why we need wisdom. This is why we have to make an effort to study God’s Word, allowing His Spirit to guide us into the truth.

If you don’t have enough knowledge to defend Christianity, then what if you are swayed to believe what the other person is saying? Or you believe a watered-down version of the Bible, one that better fits the needs of your lifestyle and friends?

I’m studying 1 and 2 Kings through the First 5 app of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Today, I came across the story of the Queen of Sheba.

She had heard of Solomon, the king of Israel, and the great wisdom he possessed.

I like the way this writer describes the queen’s journey to know the truth about Solomon.

This took great effort from the Queen of Sheba.

It will take great effort from us.

But, it ends with, “Praise be to the Lord your God…” when we discover Him.

How hard will you journey to find wisdom from the Lord? Will you set aside time to meet with Him and choose not to scroll through social media, or Netflix or video games, or even a good book, just for a little while each day?

What wisdom is gained from those worldly devices? Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m a Netflix fan and also play Farm Heroes Sage (not ashamed), but I have to make a effort to set aside those distractions and make sure my mind isn’t filled with only fiction from the world.

We have to find and know the truth. Listen to sermons online, join a Bible study, have a designated place where you keep your Bible and study materials…pray, pray and pray without ceasing that God will grant is wisdom.

Will you cross a desert, a river, travel for weeks or months – even years – to obtain understanding?

Your eternity, and that of your friends and family, could very well depend on the moment you’re asked to defend the faith, and what you say can change hearts forever.



PS… I don’t know about the scandal between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. There’s more to their story maybe, than just wisdom? He did have a weakness for women, despite how God had blessed him.

To be continued.

Copyright © 2018 Keysha Thomaston®. All Rights Reserved.

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