Coming After Me

🔸I recently wrote several things here related to the ninety-nine, and how our Shepherd pursues even the one sheep that goes astray.

🔸I recently asked God to please protect me from lies, and from the author of confusion.

🔸I recently prayed for some walls to be torn down. Heavy brick and rock, that are sealed with something I cannot even attempt to chisel… I prayed those words.

🔸I recently told a story about a mom who was going up a mountain.

And then…we sang a song at church that I had not heard before. How could one song say so many things?

As I watched the screens scroll with the lyrics, and they repeated over, and over, and over…


I smiled through my tears.

I hate waiting, but His timing will be worth the wait.


I meant to look up the song when we left…but I forget things so easily.

That was almost three weeks ago.

Then this…

My youngest daughter sent it to me yesterday. I still had not opened it because I was busy at work.

She asked me tonight if I had listened to her new favorite song.

I said no, so I pulled up the message and pressed play.


It was MY song. The one from church. I didn’t even know the title. I just knew it said everything I needed for God to say.


These are some of the words we sang that day….

…and it repeats. ❤️

There are some of you who just need to get ready, because He’s coming after you, too.

Stop. Running.


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