I look like a walrus.

I’ve written a lot of serious things, but today, we are just going to laugh.

Complete real life.

My daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. After an extremely stressful morning (I can’t even…), we finally get there. I give them all of my money 😂, and wait for her return. No spring break for us except pudding, applesauce and soup! This is why Netflix is good, people.

As they called me back, visions of other post-surgery videos, posted by my friends, flashed through my mind. The humor I was about to encounter was electric!


Except that it wasn’t.

She was crying. Pitiful, bottom-lip-quivering cries.

I quickly turned off my camera to see what harm had come to my baby girl. I resisted momma bear 🐻 and assessed the situation before assigning blame to anyone.

Me: “What’s wrong, honey?”

Weepy, sobbing daughter: “I want to sit in THAT chair.”

She wanted to sit in a different chair.

Yes. The chair beside the wheelchair was better, I guess. I begin to relax.

She also thought she was falling, which was sad and funny, but once I determined her cries were from imaginary things (except the grass-is-greener chair), I turned the camera on again.


What I captured is probably more hilarious to me and those who are close to her, because we know her personality.

She is witty and a little snarky. She’s too smart for her own good, and she has been since birth, when her personality first began to show.

That same girl began to emerge as she exited the anesthesia haze.

The singing in public? Never. That was something new. And AWESOME!!

I always think of the Lego Movie when I use that word.

Some of her comments didn’t make my highlight reel, like when she asked me if there were tampons in her mouth. It was just gross and I can barely type it, so no video clip.

That was clever, though. Apparently, strings are now attached to the gauze, and it hangs out of your mouth down to your neck.

She was observant.


That was one of our words for the day. “Obviously!” Oh, and I am a loser. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Please enjoy. Forget the problems of this world for a moment. God has a plan anyway, if we would just stop and listen.

And laugh.


You should also know:

Since we got home yesterday, one of our dogs threw up while some of her friends visited. Before I could get back with cleaner and a paper towel, in about ten seconds, the dog had “cleaned it up” for me.

In front of her friends.

On a happier note, they took the photos below… where my daughter doesn’t even look like she’s had surgery without the headwrap. Nice job, Snapchat.

Back to the dog. I’m gagging just thinking about what he did because he sleeps with me. Under the covers. 😳

Oh, and there’s a Bible verse for dog vomit! 😂 No kidding. Proverbs 26:11

John Crist would be proud.

I can’t even think about what I could/would write from that. 🤢 I’m sure it would be insightful.

By someone else.


Also happening at our house…I apparently left at least two bags of frozen or refrigerated groceries in the car when we got home yesterday. I didn’t realize it until today, like five minutes ago when I preheated the oven for lunch and couldn’t find the food. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Bonus: There was a strong odor of vinegar when I opened the refrigerator (looking for food), and I discovered my precious husband made onions and/or cucumbers with vinegar in a ziploc bag. It somehow had a small leak, and had pooled under the larger Tupperware container that held MORE cucumbers, onions and vinegar. Bleh.

Now you’ve had a peek into 24 hours of our crazy life.

Let’s move on with the laughter!