The Little Blog That Could

I recently shared on social media that from this day forward, any reference to how my phone, and every app on it, and whatever else “it” is that seems to predict my every thought, or listen to what I say in the presence of a smartphone, will now be referred to as VIKI.

I’d be disappointed if you didn’t immediately visualize Will Smith fighting AI robots in order to save the human race. The wink. The handshake. The bionic arm. The necklace. It’s good stuff.

“Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence (V.I.K.I. or VIKI) is the main antagonist of 2004 sci-fi film I, Robot.”

I, Robot? It’s a classic! Most would rank it up there with The Godfather and Casablanca. I can’t believe you haven’t seen it.

Plus, VIKI sounds much cooler than “Computer,” which is what my favorite captain would say. VIKI is like an evil Siri, and she probably gives directions wrong on purpose.

Anyway, VIKI was all in my Pinterest feed a few weeks ago with blog articles, and how to have a successful blog, and how to know if you blog about SYFY and LOTR too much.

Just kidding. That last one would never even be a thing.

I know for certain I haven’t used a search engine, email or anything looking for blog information, other than I just have one. VIKI knows. She didn’t like what she saw, I guess.

As I scan through a few Pinterest suggestions, I quickly realize my goals do not line up with the normal blogger, as if there was ever any doubt.

That made me want to declare, somehow, why all of this is even here, and why I don’t seem to know – or follow – any of the blogging rules or etiquette.

Group texts. I was originally here to escape group texts. And maybe draft a book.

It started the year my small group was going to graduate high school and leave for college. Half of them had no way to receive mail, didn’t purchase a mailbox, or they had to receive mail via some 10-key encryption process. Why in the world do I have to send mail as “certified” to students at the University of Alabama? No, a stamp won’t make it to that campus, even if it was on houndstooth paper.

I gave them all these cute boxes, with a journal, a flashlight, a whole video themed with being a light to the world, with plans to send letters or the occasional gift card…things to keep in the plastic box. Even though they might not have read through it or written in it, I just wanted it to be there, for that moment we all reach when you are desperate for Jesus, that they could reach under their bed for it and have something to help them find their way.

That well-intentioned plan failed before the last command strip left home…since they could not get the mail. 😂💌

So, I created a place where I could post some of our studies, encouraging devotions, and if I had an audience, it would be way less than twenty girls. I am not really sure how I ended up here, 96 blog posts later, with a very sweet follower all the way from Canada (hi, Lo!).

The fact that a few people do follow me is awesome. Someone gets my jokes, understands my desire to be the person God wants me to be, and they could all possibly have ADHD as well.

So, there was never an intent to track followers, advertise for anyone, boost visibility with cool graphics, or become famous. Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t even know how all the features of this website work. Which is probably obvious.

(I wish there was a way to insert actual laughter here instead of an emoji, meme or LOL, because I am totally laughing right now. I really don’t know how to use all of these pages and settings).

There was the book idea, and by posting snippets of life stories, I could start to piece together something that would be titled, When I Was. I think will happen one day. It might be something that is accomplished after I am gone, when a team of therapists and perhaps a preacher or two analyze who this girl was, and what did she bring to the table.

Have you ever been somewhere and didn’t have a seat at the table? It’s a lonely, awkward feeling. That happened to me this week. Oh, hello to the ADHD people.

That leads me to the final reason I am here. Right now, my teenagers do not really listen to me. They really are great kids, don’t get me wrong. I just feel a little like Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) or Charlie Brown’s teacher when I talk.

We don’t have a lot of family dinners. We are rarely around a table. One is in college, the other is about to have her first job, and my husband travels a lot.

Sometimes, the people I want to talk to…the people I want to excitedly tell what God showed me that day – they aren’t here. The older they get, the more time slips away, and I think of more and more things I wish I had said or done before they venture out on their own.

After my brother died last year at 39, and then I had two TIA episodes six months later, AND my blood pressure this weekend is running 168/100, the reminder that we are but a vapor in the wind has a new meaning.


Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

– James 4:14


BP Disclosure: Do not panic – I am an expert at this and know what to do and already take medication three times a day. In fact, I am exploring some natural alternatives to the multiple medications that are probably eroding my liver and kidneys…which would require more medication. I hate taking pills. Just FYI.


My family, and my friends. That’s the reason now…the reason I kept writing. For them. For the day we all finally stop and listen. It doesn’t hurt my feelings right now because we all have come to that place…when we are ready to accept certain pieces of knowledge in our own time, and I trust in God’s timing in this.

All I have left from my brother are some text messages, and any piece of paper I could find that included his handwriting…even if it was a list of bills. I have so many unanswered questions to which I will never have the answer. I’d love to be able to pull up something like this (he didn’t like social media) and see what he liked or didn’t like, hear the tone of his sarcastic voice through printed text…that would definitely make me laugh.

My grandmother recently gave us some books that had letters in it from her grandfather, and I love old family stuff, but there’s not a lot left. My letters will be here – safe with VIKI. An unfortunate open diary for friend and foe alike, but will surely remain here…even when I am not.

You know, because VIKI will need something to create my avatar.😉

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