Covid Arm

This is not a true blog post. I just wanted to document photos of my Covid Arm. 😂 There are serious eye rolls happening right now from my people.

I’m not here to stir up controversy or debate masks, although I could bend your ear over coffee (and laughs) with my take on the events of the last 16 months.

I am the one who made my college-aged children watch Contagion and Outbreak as training videos last January. I also nagged most of my friends and family until they watched one or both movies.

Contagion Full Credits

Before today, I had not heard of “Covid Arm.” It led to a most amusing search that also revealed something called “Covid Toes.” Best of luck to those people.

The arm side effect can occur 7-10 days after the first shot according to most articles and is more common following the Moderna vaccine, which I received.

Treatment? Benadryl, Tylenol (for those of us allergic to Ibuprofen) and a cold compress.

First dose of vaccine: 05/14/2021

First sign of reaction: Friday, 05/21/2021.

I thought maybe I had a mosquito bite. 😂

Monday morning, 05/24/2021:

Monday afternoon, 05/24/2021:

Sunday afternoon, 05/30/2021:

Random articles from Google search:

People getting the COVID-19 vaccine should know a very small percentage of them may develop large “scary looking” red patches on their arm that appear about a week after they get the shot.

A. Pawlowski, Today


A historically conservative citizen who wore a mask before anyone else, followed the arrows in stores, knows not to drink Clorox, believes in Jesus and childhood vaccinations, but I’m also extremely suspicious of big pharma and the government. I think The Social Dilemma should be required viewing. I don’t believe in a vaccine passport even though I personally took the vaccine. I do think society will be forever changed by Covid-19 and the ripples will last for decades.

Oh, and the nanites were injected into us ages ago. 😂

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