Covid Arm

This is not a true blog post. I just wanted to document photos of my Covid Arm. 😂 There are serious eye rolls happening right now from my people.

I’m not here to stir up controversy or debate masks, although I could bend your ear over coffee (and laughs) with my take on the events of the last 16 months.

I am the one who made my college-aged children watch Contagion and Outbreak as training videos last January. I also nagged most of my friends and family until they watched one or both movies.

Contagion Full Credits

Before today, I had not heard of “Covid Arm.” This phrase led to a most amusing search that also revealed something called “Covid Toes.”

Best of luck to those people.

The arm side effect can occur 7-10 days after the first shot according to most articles and is more common following the Moderna vaccine, which I received.

Treatment? Benadryl, Tylenol (for those of us allergic to Ibuprofen) and a cold compress.

First dose of vaccine: 05/14/2021

First sign of reaction: Friday, 05/21/2021.

I thought maybe I had a mosquito bite. 😂

Monday morning, 05/24/2021:

Monday afternoon, 05/24/2021:

Sunday afternoon, 05/30/2021:


A historically conservative citizen who wore a mask before anyone else, followed the arrows in stores, hated Trump’s tweets, but I’m not a Democrat; knows not to drink Clorox, believes in Jesus and childhood vaccinations, but I’m also extremely suspicious of big pharma and the government. I think The Social Dilemma should be required viewing. I don’t believe in a vaccine passport even though I personally took the vaccine. I do think society will be forever changed by Covid-19 and the ripples will last for decades.

Oh, and the nanites were injected into us ages ago. 😂

And another thing, this is just a pilot phase to see how the world will react to the idea of a “mark” or passport or something required to buy and sell, go to work, eat in restaurants, and all of the endless list of human choices we currently get to make every day. 😉

Random articles from Google search:

People getting the COVID-19 vaccine should know a very small percentage of them may develop large “scary looking” red patches on their arm that appear about a week after they get the shot.

A. Pawlowski, Today

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