Life After Death

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5

TobyMac’s latest album is titled, Life After Death.

There is a unique story behind that title and even more meaning interwoven in each song.

If you aren’t familiar with the pain, the journey and the inspiration behind a title like this, then let me assure you there is a song and a message for everyone.

Written from deep, personal stories from TobyMac’s family, there are song lyrics that surprisingly mirrored some of my own stories.

I’m betting you’ll find a melody for some of your stories, too.

Five years ago, I had to face death for the first time. At age 41 (in 2017), I considered myself very fortunate not to have experienced such heart-breaking losses.

I still had my share of trauma and tragedy, but most of it was not from the death of friends or family.

The first terrible phone call was about the death of my “little” brother (age 39), then a great aunt, followed by my father-in-law and then last year, my grandfather. He was the man who raised me.

There have also been some spiritual deaths and other situations that have left me feeling as broken and devastated as those physical losses.

When you throw in a pandemic, political and social insanity, what all of that is doing to jobs and families, plus a thousand other things changing in our world – some may wonder how to live through such turmoil.

It’s easy to lose your way in the dark.

There’s no hope?

This is not the life you wanted? What life were you suppose to have? One of your choosing?

It’s the end of days?

(FYI – It’s always the end of days.)

If you’re still breathing, then there is still a life to live no matter how dark the valley is right now. Whether or not you know the reason, you can rest assured that God does.

A story of Life After Death.

Download this album and I truly believe you will discover something that changes your life.

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