The goal of this blog is to tell my stories before my days on this earth are done.  Let me prepare you…it can be quite a variety show.

I do this so others might find we have common ground, healing, comfort, and even humor in the evidence God is leaving in my life.

I also write as therapy for myself, to take the overflowing file cabinets of memories, or things on which I should not dwell, and leave them here, so I can walk away with a clear mind.

If you do or do not know Him, then here is live coverage, on the ground, of what it means to try and walk as a Christian. Because I can write in times of frustration, sadness, joy, and wonder – don’t look at my example thinking this is the Christian life.

Look and find what the Lord has done to teach me, and hopefully see me grow to spread the gospel, maybe even to the ends of the earth.