The Words I Would Say

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say that I have a lot of words.

I just cannot tell a short story.

This chart popped up on Facebook last week and it was as if someone created it for me!

You see that water gushing from the pipe? Yep, that’s me. Along with every. single. other. block.

So, here’s what also happens: I shut down. I stop talking. I stop writing. I don’t socialize.

I go into a type of isolation when I realize I’m oversharing. It’s sort of an all or nothing situation because I’m still learning to think before I speak. I also do not want to embarrass myself.

I can share parts of my life story with a complete stranger waiting in a Black-Friday-style line for Clorox wipes at Target.

That actually happened.

I can also go silent when I’ve trusted someone with very deep and personal words. These are words normally locked away safely in a special vault…the words no one gets to hear or read.

It’s like the diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when “Junior” carelessly lets it fall into the wrong hands after his dad went to such great lengths to keep it safe.

My youngest daughter moved to college last week. There were so many things that I wanted to tell her before she left, but I never took the time to say them.

Now, before you feel sorry for me, she’s only 30 minutes away. It was more of the symbolism of leaving home that left me melancholy.

I had created a “dorm” playlist for myself and this post is about one of the songs from that day.

The lyrics equally apply to her older sister, who is in a different place in life. My words to her always seemed to be wrong during the last few years.

Wrong timing. Wrong volume. Wrong meaning.

So, maybe my daughters don’t listen to (or read) my words…or they simply disagree with them.

It’s often said that no one knows you quite like your immediate family. Our actions can speak louder than words (although I have been known to deliver a howler like Ron Weasley’s mother).

To my daughters: If I have poured out my words from a broken vessel, to the point that the message was lost along the way, and you have people telling you now that those words were not true, then go straight to The Word.

Forget what I said and ask God to let His Spirit lead you into all truth by opening the eyes of your heart and to show you great and mighty things which you do not know.

There’s one thing I can promise, the Savior of this world will speak to your heart like no human being on this earth could ever hope to do. And He loves you like no one else can.

I believe you know a lot more than you may care to admit during these college years.

Think of the Inside Out movie and remember that God gave us many glowing and precious memories of His faithfulness.

I also know that you first have to accept the milk of God’s Word (like newborn babies) before you can be served the meat of His Word at the grown-up table.

However, age is not a measurement of spiritual knowledge or wisdom.

There are innumerable adults still holding the kid’s menu of the Bible because they only want a simple selection for their life. They refuse the full-course meal because they know there’s going to be a serving they don’t like.

Your heavenly Father is the perfect communicator and He has perfect timing. He does not and cannot lie.

When you come across a passage or topic that you do not understand, then research it for yourself and pray for the meaning. If you ask Him, He will reveal it to you. Google doesn’t work for everything.

He will not twist His Word like the world does in order to make it mean what you want to hear.

He’s going to show you the truth and then you will have to decide what to do with it.

He is the ultimate parent who can discipline, instruct, comfort and love all at the same time.

If I had a second chance to change anything over the last 18 years, then there would be a long list. But, these are still the words I would say…

Sidewalk Prophets:

Copyright 2020 Keysha Thomaston / The Glad Game

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