The Rain Keeps Falling

I referenced the Elijah-in-a-cave story after work today.

It’s okay if you don’t know that story…I have a lengthy post about it. ☺️

A friend and I lingered in the parking lot talking about how it feels to be stuck in a pit…or in the back of a cave.

I got into my car where four books waited in the passenger seat. Why had I even taken them out of the house today?

Then, I started the car and the radio began to play…

Laura Story’s song on the radio (Blessings) from her first book, When God Doesn’t Fix It, plus her second book that I haven’t read yet, but somehow decided to let it be in my passenger seat today. #hint?

I texted the photo and irony of this radio moment to my friend before heading home, where I decided to read one of the books tonight instead of watching tv.

I can take a hint.

But first…

I try not to look at Facebook Memories lately because they just make me sad, but I gave in when I saw this photo of my daughters from 2012.

Then, scrolling further, I found this back in early days of Facebook:

Elijah in a cave + rain + a book related to struggles and depression = a song by Andrew Peterson. 🙌🏼

Andrew Peterson is one of the greatest songwriters and musicians you’ve probably never heard of, unless you have been reading here for a while.

He shared this article a few months ago and his comment immediately caught my attention. I don’t think that I realized he spent time in the cave of depression, but it certainly gives a deeper meaning to some of his songs now.

Like the one I’m writing about today.

My very first blog post was about this same cave.

Below are the lyrics and link to his song, a link to this article from Desiring God and my original cave-dwelling post, For The Journey Ahead.

🎶 Youtube: The Rain Keeps Falling

Related Post: For The Journey Ahead

Article: You’re Not Alone in the Cave

The book I decided on for this evening after stopping on page 30 back in April:

From: Dark Valleys by Todd M. Smith.
From: Dark Valleys by Todd M. Smith.
From: Dark Valleys by Todd M. Smith.
From: Dark Valleys by Todd M. Smith.
From: Dark Valleys by Todd M. Smith.

The profile photo for this post came from my original video…before the rainbow.
Bonus from Facebook Memories: I got this in the mail five years ago today from my 81-year-old grandmother (now 86).

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