Assistance on Aisle 7

I was just looking for Peace Tea.

Two girls from my Bible study group had wisdom teeth surgery and I was taking them dinner that afternoon. One requested Peace Tea with her food, and I had stared at the Publix drink aisle for at least ten minutes unable to find it.

Suddenly, I noticed a young lady near me, probably a teenager, and so I asked her if she knew what Peace Tea was (these young people and their weird drinks). 😂

Within 60 seconds she asked me if I was Mrs. Keysha, after I mentioned to her why I was getting dinner. She knew a few other girls in my small group and figured out who I was.

This was no accidental meeting in the drink aisle. After we talked for a moment, and before I walked away, she asked, “Is there anything I can pray about for you before you go?”

I was actually caught off guard. No one had offered to pray for me so easily, without hesitation, in public…in the middle of a grocery store, especially a teenager!

Except for this other sweet girl I know, Abby, who almost called down heaven in the Target dollar aisle one night….but that’s another blog post. Oh, and she just happens to be one of Shai’s best friends.

Abby came to my Bible study several years earlier as a mentor, someone a year older than the rest of the group, to help prepare them for the transition to high school.

I didn’t end up meeting Shai until almost four years later, when she and Abby were high school seniors. Shai started joining our group the very next month, and sometimes I wonder why God waited so long to introduce us!

Other paths had crossed, and God brought different girls together, and the Lord even used Shai in a very special encounter with my oldest daughter, Morgan, while they were discussing the Bible at Panera one day.

This is definitely not a favoritism post. ❤️ It’s Shai’s 20th birthday, and today I was reflecting on how we met (it was so obviously Jesus…there in Publix with the mashed potatoes and mac & cheese for Mallory and Caroline).

She immediately was at ease from the first time she came to my house, just like she had always been there. God has used her as a friend and mentor, knitting together hearts and letting her speak with wisdom beyond her years.

I may be the grown up, but I’m blessed to have her in my life, and to influence Morgan and Melody. It excites me, and encourages me, when I see girls waiting and trusting the Lord, even down roads you cannot begin to imagine.

You. Cannot. Imagine. Their. Path.

Shai has a special calling on her life. They all do, but hers could be bubbling right now with anticipation of ministry possibilities, or a turn up ahead that she hasn’t quite yet reached.

It’s something for the kingdom, big or small. God saved her for such a time as this. Like Esther, she was cared for by a family member, who saw her grow and find favor with the Lord.

Join me in praying, on her 20th birthday, that what eyes have not seen, and what ears have not heard, and what has not even entered into her mind…all that God has prepared for Shai because she loves Him, and she is His.

Let’s pray for clarity and direction, plus supernatural provision and protection. Pray for mentors, known and unknown, who will intercede on her behalf, as she seeks God’s plan…one step at a time.

These prayers will be there through the mountains and the valleys of walking with Christ, guarding her from any attempt the enemy may use for discouragement.

We cannot leave our young people out there weaponless, in spiritual warfare, as we get jaded and complacent by the news, in our own little square of land, financial worry, elections, illnesses, you name it…

Warriors are rising up.

Shai is one of many.

May we have Spirit eyes to see above this temporary earth, and all of its troubles, to the real kingdom work at hand.

They don’t need to know they face an uncertain and rocky future. They need to know we serve a God who can smooth out the rough places, and who holds the keys to that future in His very hands.

Shai, you are His. You’re a gift to all who know you. Happy birthday.

And, when Lauren Daigle sees this one day, let’s also pray she calls one of us! ❤️❤️❤️

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