Prayer for the Next Generation


As these precious girls open their eyes today, I ask that Your name would be first in their thoughts.

Bind the enemy and distractions from their room, so they can take a moment and meet with You…be loved by You….find a hidden treasure in Your Word.

Right now, break any shackles that have been holding them back from being valiant warriors for Your Kingdom.

Lord, I will not stand and allow the enemy to snatch them from You. The word, the seed, has been scattered, planted, and needs growth – and Your Word does not return void.

They have it within them to change the world…to be part of something bigger than they could ever imagine. What eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard, and what has not even enter in the heart of man – all He has for those that love Him.

Empower them today with wisdom, a hunger, and thirst to seek You, tell others about You and make this Year so motivated with the gospel, as if it could be our last one.

Open their eyes so they can see the are of a royal family, bought with the price of blood from a spotless lamb…let their hearts be aware of the sin that seeks to entangle us, and may it break their hearts for what breaks Yours.

If any girl doesn’t know You as their Savior, I beg You…that this day would not end before they surrender their life to You.

Save them.

Protect them.

Guide them.

Love them.

Teach them.

Strengthen them.

In the powerful, matchless, name above all names….King Jesus.

Copyright © 2018 Keysha Thomaston®. All Rights Reserved.

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