Maze Runner

A decision.

One that can spiderweb into a thousand different results.

It’s like those books I could get from the Weekly Reader in elementary school where you pick your own ending to keep changing up the story (I loved those)…

Except this is real life.

Yesterday, I posted to a group of friends that I had an important decision to make and that I would appreciate prayer.

The decision I make isn’t the end to a situation – it only opens one of several doors for the next problem.

What I get to take with me, in what I will refer to as a maze, where I will stand against the next attack, will be determined by this single choice.

In this maze, I have already come through a section that took two and half years, and then… it just ended at a wall of shrubbery.

After all that time of untold turmoil, the path just stopped.

No movement, no direction…just silence.

But, at that end there was a table set before me. I was able to sit and rest for a while, with friends there to encourage me for the rest of my journey, and making way for times of refreshing to come from the Lord.

I was only able to stay there a few hours when the wall moved and the next unknown path appeared before me. This time, there was danger.

In the previous section of the maze, I just faced opposition, liars, yelling, people battling for control, depression and a host of other foes, but never real danger. It was actually somewhat like the dynamics of the group in The Maze Runner. Some had been there a long time, and others were new, but then the dynamics changed as traitors were suspected and it upset the balance.

A wall opened in July 2016 and I went through it just to escape the angry mob fighting with each other.

I was unarmed, and I quickly realized the corridor through which I must pass held a weapon. The act of violence was unexpected and swift, and then for over a year I am on the offense, striking back in anyway I know how. And running. Never leaving this section.

In November 2017, the wall moved again. An overseer who guarded this gate had my pursuer bound, and brought with it some well-deserved punishment.

I was able to rest again. However, behind the scenes the enemy schemed for four months and worked to unseat that guard, and put a different one in his place.

They had planned well, and attempted to press me into a corner, so no ally would have room to step in and help me this time. Their weapons dripped with venom, their numbers were larger and they constantly seemed to have an unfair advantage.

The time in this maze has ranged from bewilderment to agony.

What was the purpose of it all? Who established these boundaries and who kept moving the walls?

What did the timing mean, and why in the world did these people chase me so often?

The decision.

Do I step forward and fight, knowing it may not end well for me, or do I stand still, not knowing what reaction that might bring?

Will they advance anyway? Will the wall move behind me allowing for escape?

So, I’m still in this corner.

Leaving that allegorical maze for now, what has followed in the last 24 hours still has my head spinning. I don’t even know in what order to share what I received, so I will just go in reverse.

The First 5 app of Proverbs 31 Ministries has been going through 1st and 2nd Kings for weeks.

I open the app this morning and this is the title of today’s lesson:

I mean, if you don’t think that is cool, then you might need to “check your heart.” 😂

Yes, God is listening.

As a bonus, this devotion also referenced Psalm 119, which my pastor taught from on Sunday.

Two different friends, who don’t even know each other, sent me references and scripture that matches what I had written in my journal this week, or just posted on my blog (an unpublished draft).

My daughters’ middle names are Faith and Hope.

Faith made it out of the maze, but Hope is still in there with me. I think I’m only there to protect her, but maybe God is revealing so much more.

To be continued… I’m leaving for the maze.


The Maze Runner is a 2009 young adult post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction novel written by American author James Dashner and the first book released in The Maze Runner series, although it is the third in narrative order.[2][3] The novel was published 7 October 2009 by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House, and was made into a 2014 major motion picture by 20th Century Fox.





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