Who do you love?

This is absolutely worth your time, to stop whatever you’re doing, and read the article link below.

First, not to dumb down the topic, but you are Neo, and Morpheus is standing before you with the blue pill and the red pill.

In The Matrix, he offers this:

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

If you are now wondering who Neo and Morpheus are… watch the movie. 😉 It’s old, it’s not about Jesus, but I can absolutely turn it into a soul-searching life lesson.

Like the movie, our world has a similar secret. There are two sides, and it scares me that so many are walking around and think they know the truth…that they are already on the right side.

It can be shocking what you realize about yourself, your views, opinions and beliefs when one day your eyes seem to open for the first time, unclouded, and seeing things in a new Light.


I was both a hereditary Christian because of my family, and a cultural Christian because I’m in the South. It was quite a shock in my 20’s to realize this.

What if you have attached the label of Christian to yourself for the same reasons?! Don’t stop reading.

Sadly, it’s like growing up and being told to pick Alabama or Auburn, because that is our culture. You may care nothing about football, understand the game or ever visit a campus…but you pick one of those two team only, either by who your family supports, if they even went to school there, or just how close your city is to Tuscaloosa or Auburn.

Did you pick God because everyone else did, or because it was socially awkward not to, or did He actually change your life?

You’re looking for a life change moment.

Although I don’t agree with everything from John Piper, he’s an excellent teacher and pastor, and this is an article everyone should read.

Please don’t go around thinking you are secure with Jesus and eternity, when it’s quite possible you’ve never actually met Him. I know it happened to me, growing up in church, and I would not want it to happen to anyone else.

“The heart is deceitful above ALL things!”

Do not follow your heart. It cannot guide you.

Do not follow rainbows and butterflies. Life isn’t perfect, or a fairytale, but the sooner you know where to find peace in the storms, you will know the author of your faith. Life is SO much more than you even know.

Do not even follow your family and friends. They can be encouragers in your walk of faith, but they are equally flawed and sinful people who could make you lose faith, if all your hope is in them and not God. Why do you think people stop going to church? Other people. When we should be going out of obedience to Christ, not because who else is there. Don’t let their life stop you from fulfilling yours.

Follow Jesus. He is the only way. Do you know what that means?

This world around you, that entices you away like poor Pinocchio to donkey island? It makes you a fool on the broad and wide road to destruction. Death. Hell.

This is real life. You either want to know the truth or you’re happy being in the dark. I’m pleading with you because one day, His Light will shine forth into every crevice and there’s no where to escape. There’s not a set age where you are excused from sinful behavior.

This isn’t a scare tactic to God. It’s a warning from the evil one roaming this earth, seeking whom he may devour and snatch from the hand of God.

I see so many walking around in darkness, unaware, that I couldn’t possibly carry enough flashlights around to give each one. I need help.

Why? I passionately believe it because I have experienced it, and I want you to have it, too. I regret the years I walked in blindness, and do not want anyone else to waste anymore more precious time.

The decision is today.

You know the truth.

Let it set you free.

Once and for all.



I would be shocked if you aren’t changed after reading this:



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