Current Event

Remember when you had to bring a current event to school, so you turned to a newspaper or magazine, and completed your assignment with a pair of scissors?

I tried to have a conversation about current events in my home tonight, but the mood was soured when one sister didn’t do something the way the other sister thought she should…and honestly, I was too weary to try and have a teachable moment.

I’ve witnessed so many deep issues and problems in the last week that their pettiness basically disgusted me.


Aren’t we so thankful our Savior extends much more grace and patience to us – than we do to one another? More than I did to my children? 💔❤️

So, here I sit with no one to talk to about Jerusalem.


No representation is made that the quality of the Bible prophecy study services to be evaluated is greater than the quality of Bible study services performed by much more intelligent Bible scholars.


Now that we have established I am not an expert…

Jerusalem is extremely important news if you look past the mainstream media and pay attention to the big picture.

ALERT: It isn’t about Trump, his kids or the Russians, although God may very well be using them to play a role in a story that has already been written.

Already. Been. Written.

Aren’t these tiny nuggets of gold from a giant pan of treasure so intriguing?


Another disclosure, as my grandparents used to say, “Know how to rightly divide the Word of God.” Study the author, the time period, the audience, etc., to better understand what you are reading.


We are watching true, biblical history unfold all the time, but having the U.S. formally move its official embassy to Jerusalem is a big deal.


Jerusalem existed thousands of years before the United States of America was even a thought. Do they even need us?

The question might be…why have we always chosen to be their ally? What if we need them? What if God’s hand has remained on an ungodly America for this long because we serve a purpose to this tiny nation?

What if we came so late into the world scene (just over 200 years), alongside a lot of ancient civilizations (thousands of years), to stand with Israel when no one else would?


I grew up with a wooden, painted, probably 7ft representation of Daniel’s prophetic metallic man, showing the rise and fall of different civilizations, stored somewhere in my grandparents’ house.

Although I wasn’t paying attention to anything related to church back then…hearing all of that Bible prophecy for 15-20 years was filed away somewhere in my brain.

How blessed am I to even have a small working knowledge of what some of this means, and to know not to be afraid of it!?

I am secure in my salvation and eternity with Christ. Although I do not know what trials I might face before then, the eternal hope gives me the strength, endurance and faith to press on, and get excited about anything that points to the second coming of Christ.

No, I will never be one of those “here’s-the-date-watch-the-planets-align-the-end-is-near” people.

Do you know why?

The end for my brother was February 23, 2017.

The end for my father-in-law was September 25, 2017.

The end for my close friend’s mom was April 13, 2018.

And, someone’s end will sadly be today.

The end is always near, regardless of the how…and that is why people who share the gospel want you know it NOW and “choose this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:14-15).

My time to write is up for now. We are in unknown territory because I have a passion for this, but I know I cannot explain it all. Maybe I will just start writing about what I study and pray the Holy Spirit brings us all to the same conclusions.


The image my grandparents had many years ago:

The image I might understand ☺️:

Marvel’s Version?

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