The Time In Between

What a powerful verse.

Just think…our days were ordained by the Creator of the universe.

We have been given a specific place in this time of history.

So, let’s think about the time in between right now and that last ordained breath.

Not in a scary or morbid way, but in a determined mindset about how – for the time that remains – we will make it matter for eternity.

Not our will, but His.

We are celebrating a few milestone birthdays this month and that always has me thinking about time and digging through photos of the past.

I had to find some from when I was 18 because now my baby girl is an 18-year-old. 🥺

Senior Prom 1993 (photo op with my brother)
Before there were social media updates and filters…there was Keysha with a notepad, documenting the last day of school. May 26, 1993
I received a “car phone” for my 18th birthday at the Hoover Olive Garden. It was a bag that plugged into the cigarette lighter with a phone cord attached. February 1993
My Chevy S10, camera, caboodle and Garth Brooks CD headed to The Chateau in Panama City Beach. May/June 1993

Clockwise: One month before she was born (2002), 10th birthday (2012), and 16th birthday (2018).
Her 18th birthday (she got a phone, too!) and my 45th birthday (2020).


Hootie and the Blowfish compare it to punishment.

  • Time why you punish me
  • Like a wave bashing into the shore
  • You wash away my dreams

Jim Croce would save it in a bottle.

  • But there never seems to be enough time
  • To do the things you want to do
  • Once you find them

Green Day confirms it is unpredictable.

  • Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road; Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
  • So make the best of this test and don’t ask why; It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time
  • It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right; I hope you had the time of your life

Time Management.

Yes, music is fun and sappy songs about time are right up my alley.

However, we cannot turn up the volume and tune out what God says about time.

  • How do we spend the most precious currency?
  • Do we use it to store up treasures in heaven or on earth?

His Word holds the truth we need to sharpen our focus on the here and now.

Yes, life feels more and more like a vapor.

If my milestone birthday symbolizes that more than half of my life is over, then I must quickly decide what to do with the time I have left.

We all should.

Time After Time.

On February 24, we reach the three-year anniversary of when my brother’s time was over.

He was 39.

It was something unpredictable.

It made me reconsider everything I’ve ever thought about life.

How many of you have had to face losing someone lately?

There’s just something about loss that can trigger a reflection of our own time and purpose.

Not to be sad, but to be reminded of why we’re really here.

I want to encourage us to make the most of the time we have…to live for the One who established time.

Time Limit.

Most Bible stories don’t describe people who decided to ignore God, live it up and squander what they had on selfish desires.

Except maybe the prodigal son and he ended up eating with pigs.

This mentality scares me because so many young people (and even some parents) now promote that way of living.

They think they have time to be young and free to the world’s desires, sowing their oats until they decide to “settle down” into what God has planned.

But what if they don’t live past 18?




Whenever we leave this world…that’s it. Time’s up. Please don’t waste your life.

And definitely don’t delay on a decision to receive salvation and surrendering your life to Jesus…today.

Whatever end number is written for us in that book, what will be said of our time in between?

  • Did we waste it?
  • Were we thankful for it?
  • Did we coast along doing the bare minimum?
  • Did we pray with others?
  • Did we constantly spread the gospel?
  • Did we make disciples?
  • Did we love with the love of Christ?
  • Whose example should we follow?


He had three years.

What can we learn from how He spent His time?

He knew it would be difficult.

He knew there would be pain and great sacrifice, but He still invested in people and continually prayed to the Father for the strength to save the flock.

We have access to the same power, despite the trials we encounter, in order to run the race marked out before us.

Jesus had a specific purpose with His time and so do we.

🎶 One last song reference:

But it’s the time in between
That I fall down to my knees
Waiting on what you’ll bring
And the things that I can’t see
I know my song’s incomplete
Still I’ll sing in the time in between

(Full lyrics and video)

🎶 Time In Between

You were there when your Father said
Let there be light
You obeyed when He whispered
Son, you have to leave tonight
To spend nine months in a mother’s womb
Three days in a borrowed tomb

But it’s the time in between
That brings me to my knees
Knowing you came for me
All that I can’t be
I’m amazed, so amazed
And I thank You for the time in between

Don’t take much for this crazy world
To rob me of my peace
And the enemy of my soul
Says You’re holding out on me
So I stand here lifting empty hands
For you to fill me up again

But it’s the time in between
That I fall down to my knees
Waiting on what you’ll bring
And the things that I can’t see
I know my song’s incomplete
Still I’ll sing in the time in between

So many ways
Your love has saved the day
And I’m grateful for them all
But it’s the time in between
The middle of two thieves
That says everything
It’s the reason I believe
I’m amazed, so amazed

And I thank you for the time in between
Oh, Lord, I thank you for the time in between

🎶 Time In Between

Songwriters: Clint Lagerberg / Francesca Battistelli
Time in Between lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Desiring God: Don’t Waste Your Life

Bro. Steve Gaines, Sermon: Managing Time Like It Matters

Bro. Steve Gaines, Sermon: The Book of Life

Billy Graham: Life is Short

Update 2/27/20

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