Game Over

The Glad Game

It served a purpose.

It went further than I could have ever imagined as it was originally intended to only encourage about fifteen young women.

This wanna-be blog evolved into a place to share life stories, encourage strangers and reveal raw, personal growth…with the dream of becoming a book somewhere down the road.

Unfortunately, not all stories can be told.

Some are in the banned books section.

Sometimes, the writer grows weary.

The stories still mentally form like a continuous feed from an old dot matrix printer, but the paper roll simply piles up on the floor.

The game console is packed away with the hopes of pressing the power button again…another day.

Who were you, I wonder?

I like to imagine the blog views from these other countries (some of which I’d never heard of) aren’t by some hacker trying to steal my identity.

Maybe you are a missionary or a friend of a friend. Hopefully, you’re someone who connected with or found hope during one of my revelations from the Lord…or simply found me a worthy friend to sit with in the back of the cave.

There isn’t a day that goes by where an idea for a post doesn’t get entered as a quick draft. There are over 200 now.

I don’t think it’s writer’s block, but perhaps the desire to start over with a new page, maybe under a different name, so there’s no fear in continuing to tell the never-ending story.

Some of it just doesn’t fit neatly under the heading or theme of The Glad Game.

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