Steal My Show

I love TobyMac and the Diverse City Band. Sometimes, I feel like I am the only person (besides my daughters) in my little corner of the world who even know who they are. ☺️

TobyMac Rocks!!!

This group by Toby McKeehan (formerly of DC Talk) and Third Day were some of the first Christian CDs that I ever owned when God radically changed my life in 2003. My eighteen-year-old recently told me she didn’t realize other music even existed besides Tobymac until about the first grade. LOL

My daughters and I were able to attend The Hits Deep Concert Tour in 2019 and it was probably one of the best nights of my life.

Why? Because I have such precious memories of them being little girls, waiting with me through an Alabama thunderstorm sometime around 2006, so we could be the first in line for a TobyMac concert.

It was hot and sticky as we huddled under an umbrella that day. We probably should’ve taken shelter, standing in line for an outdoor event at a theme park called VisionLand.

There was crying and thunder, but there was also singing and dancing. Melody actually fell asleep halfway through the concert on the metal bleachers from our third row seats. I have no idea how!

Having the three of us together again fourteen years later, now with them all grown up, made my heart flutter a few times that night and my eyes blur with tears.

We have been through a lot since that first concert. We’re still figuring out what it means to follow Christ in a fallen world.

At the 2019 concert, Morgan was already in college and Melody was about to be a senior in high school. Where would they go from here? How many more concerts would they want to attend with me?

Would they remember the early days when I was a struggling, single mom and how we would ride around in our green, Honda Civic that constantly played the Portable Sounds CD through an open sunroof?

Would the seeds of praise and worship music take root in their heart and help shape their life with the truth of God’s Word?

Even though I don’t know all of those answers, I can keep offering a girls’ night out whenever TobyMac is in town.

We had tickets for another show in Montgomery that was scheduled in May 2020…but then, Covid. It has now been postponed for the third time, but I have three front row seats and will wait as long as needed!

When I got the email about the latest date change due to Covid, I decided to pull up my Youtube videos from the last concert and relive the excitement, worship and freedom I felt while watching my girls lift their hands and squeal, sing and dance around to music that praised the King.

This led me to the Tobymac channel where I could watch more of my favorites videos. I came across one song that I’ve heard a dozen times, but the lyrics registered a little differently tonight.

It was a reminder that this life and its problems are ultimately not about me, no matter how much it hurts sometimes.

This life is not about my abilities (or inabilities) or even if anyone remembers me when I’m gone.

Did they ever know Jesus because of me? Did my life point anyone to Him?

Did I always need to be center stage or did I allow my Savior to direct the show?

Steal My Show

I want the Lord to steal my show on this blog, or wherever I write, just like in this song. I also pray He will steal my daughters’ show, even when it means dimming the lights or rearranging the playlist. May I have the strength and prayer life to simply take a seat to whatever God is directing for them.

Please click the link above and hear him tell the story about the song. I’ve attached the lyrics and photos that I’ll treasure forever.

Our personal videos from 2019 are Youtube links below.

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