The Pain of Loneliness

A devotion by Traci Miles arrived to my inbox this morning, Overcoming the Pain of Loneliness.

It’s a season most of us try to avoid, but everyone will eventually find themselves in this place. It’s no secret the last year has been one for the record books in feeling isolated and alone.

View the full article and website here.

I immediately knew I wanted to share this. It seemed to perfectly describe so many aspects of my own life and also situations for several friends.

It is in this stage of life, my late forties, that I am beginning to finally understand and be drawn to the life of David. Not so much about the times he fought a giant or became a famous king, but how he walked with God through the depths of loneliness and loss.

He lamented and cried out all through the book of Psalms, but he also praised at the same time. Have you ever tried to do that? I think it might be the greatest test of faith we ever encounter. Remember Who walks beside you…

  • in the fields
  • in the palace
  • in the battle
  • in the loss of a child
  • in the loss of a spouse
  • in the loss of a job
  • in the division of family
  • in the act of adultry
  • in the broken home
  • in the back of the cave
  • in the struggle with sin
  • in the moment of repentance
  • and in the freedom of forgiveness

🎶 A number of songs popped into my mind that would complement this post, but I randomly found one by Jill Phillips that I’d never heard and I could only find the lyrics within a fan-made video:

Youtube w/ lyrics: You Are Not Alone – Jill Phillips

Apple Music: You Are Not Alone – Jill Phillips

🎶 What songs would you add to this list?

Youtube: I Am Not Alone – Kari Jobe

Youtube: Hold On To Me – Lauren Daigle

Apple Music Playlist: A Friend in Need

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