Don’t Lose Hope

November 8, 2021 – Montgomery, AL

I never noticed who would open for TobyMac’s concert, The Theatre Tour. I just knew that I had front row seats for me and my two daughters to see one of our favorite bands.

For almost two years this concert was postponed for several reasons, but it wasn’t until I was finally walking into the Montgomery Performing Arts Center that I googled the opening act info.

It was Cochran & Co.

I knew that name. After a quick search in my playlists I found a song I had saved several months ago.

Don’t Lose Hope

Although I was there to see TobyMac, the Lord had a surprise for me. The timing of this unexpected, live performance by Cochran & Co. was like a personal song dedication from Him.

Don’t lose hope when the world is against you

Every high, every low, I am for you

Don’t let go when you’re at the end of your rope

I’ll hold you, darlin’, don’t lose hope

The Theatre Tour: Cochran & Co. 11.08.21
Full Music Video
Concert Shirt 🌼

“I wish that I could change the weather
Just to see your smiling face
You know I’m with you come whatever
We’re gonna see the brighter days.”
When it’s 40 degrees in the morning and 75 by lunchtime. ☀️

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