Fairytales have long since warped our logic concerning what is happily ever after.

Maybe that’s the attraction to those stories…someone has love at first sight, a fairy godmother fixes things, love conquers all, and the wicked stepmother gets what is coming to her.

Perhaps these tales weren’t too far from reality – if I could just sprinkle in a little of my humble opinion.

1. Love does conquer all – if we recognize what love really is. Now, this might cause an eye roll already, but hang in there with me.

God is Love. 1 John 4:8 says, “The One who does not love does not know God, for God is Love.”

If we are honest, it takes some supernatural love to overcome, forgive, endure and live with other people.

It cannot be movie love, romantic novel love, kismet, Mr. Darcy, or Hallmark love…wait, Mr. Darcy was a jerk, so that might work. 🙂

1 Corinthians 13 describes a love that we are not capable of giving to someone else, unless we change from our human form into an animated version of ourselves, where all the junky stuff gets erased away.

Okay, that’s not entirely true, but we do have to change from the factory settings we were born with, and allow God to reprogram our minds – so we see another person as He does. That’s the only way.

I know, I know…you want it your way, and I really do understand. In fact, you might try to prove me wrong and that would make me sad.


Well, I’ve been researching this topic for almost 35 years and have conducted countless experiments. I have already had my lab explode, I lost a few assistants along the way, suffered untold broken hearts and have mounds of data that can be reviewed.

2. Sometimes, people leave us, and others step in, and they can love without being like wicked stepparents. Sure, I’ve known my share of those evil ones, and they do exist, but not always.

My grandparents raised me for most of my life, so I’ve experienced different types of love… plus three stepmothers, a stepdad (he’s great), a stepbrother, and six stepsisters.

For someone to be a kinsmen redeemer, and take what someone else has discarded, is an ultimate example of Godly love.

Joseph, took Mary, who was pregnant before they were married, and protected her honor. He allowed God to use him to be the stepparent to the King of the world.

My husband, took a single mom with two little girls, broken from the sin of divorce, and never looked back. Like God restored to Job what he had lost, God restored to me a family, with a man who is a “step” above most anyone I know.

Ruth, followed Naomi, which led her to Boaz. The lineage of Christ was protected because Boaz stood in as the kinsmen redeemer to a widow, who then fathered Obed, who fathered Jesse, who fathered David, the king.

Anytime Satan tries to eliminate a family or kingdom heritage, God has moves and countermoves to realign His perfect plan for His children.

We live in a fallen world, so there is pain and heartache involved in a constantly-changing tapestry, but if we turn (and keep) our eyes upon Jesus, the things of this world “grow strangely dim.”

3. We don’t need fairy godmothers to fix everything. However, even in fairytales, there’s normally a struggle or challenge that helps bring about understanding and truth.

Sometimes, we are locked in a tower, or lose our voice, or we’re under a spell until the Lord rescues us…

We have to experience trials to realize God’s provision and grace.

If we never have to be rescued, then we would rely on ourselves, our own power and means instead of God.

We wouldn’t see the dragon’s danger – or the true Prince who loves us with an everlasting love.

Families are complicated, but the love doesn’t have to be.

My prayer is that whoever sees this, if you don’t already believe in the 1 John 4:8 kind of love, that you will be supernaturally drawn to discover it.

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