O Jerusalem


Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.

John 4:21


Disclosure: Way in over my head with this. Also, this isn’t about the president or a political party.

It’s about so. much. more.

On Christmas Eve, my dad’s family had our normal round table talk involving current events, Bible debates (all in fun) and how all of this relates to prophecy.

Jesus is coming back, you know.

Even if different Christian denominations disagree on the details like pre-tribulation, post-tribulation, what is the real mark of the beast, will we be here, and the timing of these events…

It’s still going to happen.

So, I found the following news clip from the US Ambassador to the United Nations extremely interesting, and kind of humorous, concerning the recognition of capital of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel instead of Tel-Aviv.

“We will remember this day.”


Those are fighting words. I hope the US will stick to it. Regardless of whether or not you like President Trump, if you’re a Christian, you have to acknowledge that prophecy events need to unfold, and who God uses to bring about His ultimate plan isn’t really up to us.

This article, and all the media concerning Jerusalem right now, took my thoughts into that plate-of-spaghetti process (from the book, Men Are Like Waffles and Women Are Like Spaghetti) where it branches off into ten directions about what this all means.

Look above party lines for just a moment. Look above the national news and Twitter and how we are led around by our noses based on the squeakiest wheel of the week.

The Great I Am is not caught off guard be mere human words and actions.

Is He, the One who spoke the starry host into place, bothered by the “United Nations” and their lack of concern for His people and their capital…His holy city?

The nation of Israel is God’s chosen people.



They were scattered until 1948.

  • On May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv, Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. (History Channel)

From the foundation of our country, the influence of God, His favor upon a young nation like us…only here since 1776 compared to other countries that have been established for thousands of years…has involved America being an ally to Israel since she became a nation again.

Why does the world hate us? Because we still cling to the final threads of our Christian freedoms, to In God We Trust, and most people can’t stand it that we back Israel. Especially the nations who are anti-Christian and anti-Semitic.

Obama, Bush and Clinton all acknowledged Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. I had no idea this was a common presidential proclamation.


President Trump is apparently going to move our embassy to Jerusalem, something the last three presidents said, but never actually did.

Why is this even important?


PROLOGUE – Middle East Conflict 101


Abraham. Sarah. Hagar. Ishmael. Isaac.

Why are the Muslims and Jews in constant turmoil?

To understand this, we enter the stage of Maury Povich holding DNA test results.

  • God told Abraham He would make him the father of many nations and his descendants would even include kings.
  • Abraham, and his wife, Sarah, were getting old and still did not have a child after this promise was made, so instead of waiting on God, Sarah told Abraham to take her maid, Hagar, and have a child with her.
  • Abraham was 86 years old (Genesis 16:16).

Keysha’s note: I know this might have been a custom in those days, but nothing good could come of telling your husband to sleep with your younger, probably beautiful handmaid, instead of waiting on Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.

  • No surprise…Sarah eventually gets jealous of Hagar and the son, Ishmael, that was born with Abraham.
  • Sarah finally conceived, even in old age, because God said she WOULD…it was just in His timing, not hers.
  • Isaac is born to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham is now 100 years old (Genesis 21:5).

  • Hagar and Ishmael become an annoyance to Sarah. She sees her son as the rightful heir and not Ishmael.


I’m glad this nagging request from Sarah troubled Abraham, because from a mom standpoint, Hagar was just a maid being told what to do and now her son was hated because Sarah regretted having Hagar be with Abraham. But, Sarah’s haste to have a child, taking matters into her own hands, gave birth to an entire nation who has remained in conflict with the son she eventually had. Just imagine if that had not happened…if she had waited on God… #consequences


Yes, God can work all things together for good for those that love Him (Romans 8:28). Yes, He can orchestrate His plan despite our mistakes. Yes, He forgives us as far as the east is from the west, and remembers our sins no more (Psalm 103:12).

There are sometimes consequences of sin and not following God’s directions, that we cannot escape, even after forgiveness.

When murder is committed it doesn’t matter if the killer repents and receivers salvation – the life he took cannot be returned.

When a child is conceived, unplanned, due to sex outside of marriage, affairs, etc., that new life cannot be undone. Whether a baby is born or an abortion is chosen (and I believe life begins in the womb as Psalm 139 says) – the mother’s life is forever changed.

When drugs and alcohol are abused, and there’s a car wreck, with injuries, or an overdose, or anything that leaves someone paralyzed or brain dead… that can’t be undone. Sure, the person can be remorseful that they hit another car and crippled someone, or worse, took a life, but it won’t change the consequences.

If we can put aside our own desires and selfish nature…it’s always better to wait on the Lord. Back to our story…

God tells Abraham not to worry about Ishmael, that be will make a nation from him also, because he is his son. So, Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away.

  • There will be consequences. Again, I wonder at this point if Sarah had not been so jealous, and if Ishmael had stayed there…would he have eventually faded into the background and not escaped to Egypt to begin the birth of Arab/Islamic nations? Of course, the Lord may have needed him out of the way to fulfill the prophecy through Isaac, but I still wonder.

  • Hagar and Ishmael almost die in the desert, but God saves them and promises Hagar that her son will also be the father of a great nation.
  • Ishmael’s descendants became the Arab/Muslim nations.
  • Isaac’s descendants became the nation of Israel, the Jews.

  • The land in the middle east is being fought over by two half-brothers, both descendants from Abraham.
  • You can talk politics all day long…but this biblical background is the central point of all middle east conflict.
  • The Muslim countries claim the land through their lineage to Abraham and the later teachings of Muhammad (which was not the Messiah).
  • The Jews claim it through God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all of the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah’s coming Kingdom.


Did you know?

The Islamic Dome of the Rock is located in the center of the Temple Mount, the site of the Temple of Solomon and the Jewish Second Temple (see Wikipedia).

That’s a problem.

The Jews can’t rebuild any of their temple because the site is controlled by Islam.

There’s so much to say and know about Jewish customs, the temple and the land, the people, the ark of the covenant, a red heifer without blemish, temple tools, and all the things in motion for the return of Christ.


End time prophecy doesn’t have to be scary. It’s fascinating – exciting – and sometimes unexplainable! Imagine a needle and thread woven through your Bible from start to finish and in the strands you see Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Psalms tied together with references written hundreds of years later from the New Testament… Thessalonians, John, Revelation.

Too many to even try and list!

Don’t take just what you hear from others, especially from television and social media, but read and learn for yourself. The Holy Spirit will surely guide you.

To be continued, unless the trumpet sounds!

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