Love Song

This is my mix tape to you.

Or, God’s mix tape to us. ❤️

It was Valentine’s weekend, in 1987 or 1988, and Bon Jovi performed at the BJCC in Birmingham, AL. I was there, invited by a group of girls from my school.

I’ll be there for you, these five words I swear to you

When you breathe, I want to be the air for you

I’ll be there for you

I’d live and I’d die for you

I’d steal the sun from the sky for you

Words can’t say what love can do

I’ll be there for you…

It was a love song. Any girl would have loved to hear this dedicated to her on the I-95 radio station at 9pm. Yes, that was a thing. Call-in song dedications, making hearts swoon as we recorded it on a something known as a cassette tape, from a silver boom box.

Although girls at any age still enjoy a good love song and romantic movie, this post is to profess who has to be our First Love.

It’s so hard to convince a teenager or young adult that their heart can be deceitful above all things, and finding true love, is actually with Someone who really did say, “I’d live and I’d die for you.”

You know where this is going, so hear me out.

I love my husband. He has the most beautiful eyes, and they still sparkle at me, like when we first met. His voice and his guitar can get him out of any doghouse. ❤️😊

But, if I if I make him “my whole world,” relying on him to fulfill every desire of my heart, then I’m setting up both of us for disappointment. Plus, those eyes aren’t sparkling if I attempt to paint a wall in our house, or make one more craft out of dried flowers. 🚫

I can love him, and he can love me, because of 1 John 4:19.

Once you know the love of Christ, your expectations of relationships, and even friendships, have a whole new meaning.

In my post, The Rings, I wrote about 1 Corinthians 13, and how that is our playbook for loving someone else – because it is how God loves us. The standard isn’t from a romance novel or a Hallmark movie… 🎥 🍿(although my dvr has a lot of those recorded).

As we approach Valentine’s Day, there will no doubt be females who view being single as a disadvantage, something that is treated with a pint of ice cream or even tears.

Put away your kleenex and spoon… because you, my darling, are never alone. I have been the unmarried one, the single mom, and even married but not speaking to my valentine. Once you realize what Love is, you will stop looking to the world to satisfy the desires of your heart. He is first and everything is bonus.

Third Day is one of my favorite bands and they sing two of my favorite songs.

❤️Love Song.

❤️❤️Your Love O Lord.

Below are the lyrics to tonight’s song dedications (and a video surprise).

Whether you want to record this or not is up to you, but I would recommend playing this mix tape on repeat…

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Love Song: Written by Johnny Mac Powell, Samuel Tai Anderson, Bradley B. C. Avery, David Carr, Mark D. Lee • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Carlin America Inc