So Will I

I’m not sure where I have been, because I found a new song this morning, but it appears to have been out for over a year.

I was on YouTube after linking a video to another blog post from yesterday…and honestly, I ended up watching the best way to use Biore strips.

I know. I cannot watch the gross videos, but that one was tame. 😂

With the ever-growing predictive experience where the internet and social media seem to know my next step before I do (we all know it’s creepy – and how they do it)…I then end up going to “Best of Family Feud.” I’m laughing until tears are rolling down my pore-cleansed face.

Next, Lauren Daigle. She has nothing to do with either of the previous topics, but I guess YouTube knows I love her, and perhaps it was out of options on what next to suggest for me.

Soon, I have tears of praise. The first album by Lauren Daigle came to me in December 2016, around the time I saw War Room for the first time.

My life was…unexplainable. As circumstances swirled around me, I converted part of my closet into a very small version of what Priscilla Shirer did in the movie.

I stayed in that closet writing prayers, urgent, angry, desperate and broken, for months. One night, I fell asleep in there, and I am still not sure why my family didn’t come to look for me. 🙂

Through it all, I had the song, Trust In You, repeating over and over. Eventually, I just let the whole album play.

If it had been a cassette tape, then I would have needed to replace it, as the strands of lyrics were thin and twisted from use. An actual record or CD would have been so worn out that it started to skip.

Every song. Every word. Every melody.

It was all me, the Lord, and Lauren Daigle’s voice.

We all have some albums that are just perfect from start to finish, with not one song we would omit from the playlist. This is one of mine.

Some of the high school girls in my small group made an adventure to Winterjam, where we stood in line to meet her, only to be at the cutoff point where no other fans would get through. She was literally five feet from me.

What do we do? We took selfies while she was in the background!! It was too fun! I was fangirling at age 40 more than the teenagers I was with.

Not that Christian artists don’t get thousands of “this was for me,” fan letters, but I want this young woman to know that the events that brought her heartache, like the death of her grandfather, that led to these songs…it was if God also had me in mind at the same time.

It is hard to comprehend how He can do that for us…omnipotent, omnipresence and omniscience.

There is a verse I have used often over the years, referring to the Psalm 33:6, when God spoke the starry host into place.

He. Spoke. The. Stars. Into. Place.

As our eyes and telescopes gaze and search through the galaxies – God, He just breathed it into existence.

So, why do we limit His power? Why don’t we trust Him with our worries, fears and problems that seem as big as a galaxy to our hearts?

In His hands…

-that friend disagreement you had yesterday? -the money concern that has made you physically ill? -that person you love who is breaking your heart? -your children’s future that you want to protect?

…it is but a tiny light to Him. He holds you in the palm of His hand.

He is not caught off guard. The Lord is never surprised.

So, why should I be?

My goal in life is to reach the point of faith, that when faced with the next earth-shattering situation, I can pause, take a deep breath, and look up.

“What is this, Lord? What will it mean? How should I respond? Will someone come to know you and be saved by this moment? How should I pray? What wisdom will I be gaining this time?”

Then, I want my children to be like this, and their friends, and my friends, until nothing that comes against the children of the Most High God can steal, kill or destroy anything that belongs to my Father.

Because He spoke the stars into place.

(All unedited images from Hubble telescope*)

YouTube cannot be this intelligent, but this is the I found today.

So Will I, performed by Tori Kelly.

From the mass of videos available, I ending up clicking on this one, probably because of Lauren Daigle searches.

It is a song I’ve never heard, sung by an artist I did not know, and because of what it meant to me, through all of this I just wrote…I just had to share and tell you all about it. ❤️

Copyright © 2018 Keysha Thomaston®. All Rights Reserved.

YouTube link below.

But, I’m one of those people who would unwrap the cassette insert, and unfold it to reveal the lyrics…

Tori Kelly:


Hillsong official video with lyrics:

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