Passing Notes

I wonder who first came up with the intricately folded note that would not open until you untucked the corners of the paper?

Although not at all secure, we trusted the hands that passed it along.

The note was normally intended for one person…your best friend or someone who you loved.


Early this morning, I wrote this prayer…this note…to the Lord for some people who are really hurting right now. I wanted to share it here.

When we find Christ, we don’t have to pass a note through anyone. We can go straight to Him without fear of rejection.

Jesus is our best friend and our First Love, so I’m sending Him a folded note for you today.

Yes, this is a broken place, but like the valley of dry bones, it is also a gathering where we see God, the Alpha and Omega, the great I Am…

The One who breathed the stars into place – breathe new life into you.

Heavenly Father,

We Praise You because you are our First Love. Your love is everlasting, it keeps no records of wrongs, and it will never fail us.

Lord, like a broken city, You see what destruction satan and our own carnal sin have torn apart among Your children.

Please give each person here enough light from Your lamp stand to see the next step…to find their way through the rubble without stumbling more.

Lift them up from the mud and the sin that so easily ensnares us and give their feet a firm place to stand. Put a new song of praise in their mouth that others might see and know the Lord.

The world is watching how ones who claim to follow and serve You…how we respond, so please give us the strength to continually give You praise.

Let our minds finally understand what it means to endure suffering alongside Jesus, and how to consider it all joy. I pray we can even be excited about the dross You’re removing from us, and how we can come through this reflecting more of You as pure gold, and not an imitation from the world.

We confess that we want it our way and in our time, and we don’t want to be pruned in order or be in pain, in order to bear more fruit. It hurts, Lord, and some days are nearly impossible. Your grace is sufficient.

You say You’re the good Shepherd and Your sheep hear Your voice, so I pray if there’s anyone here who doesn’t know the saving grace of Jesus, that You would reveal that and drawn them to You today. Let them hear from You, so the enemy cannot snatch them away during the battle.

Give us a desire to be in Your Word every chance we can, letting nothing in this world quench our longing except for the wisdom You prepared long ago. Let the Bible come alive where it’s more desirable that anything else we do or watch or hear.

Bind the enemy, even if it is in the form of family and friends, who are giving us ungodly advice. Lord, we are not a reality show, and this world has nothing to offer except what the prince of darkness is sowing. Deliver us from evil. Free us from malice and revenge and hopelessness – because this is not from You. Please don’t let any of these ladies dwell in a pit with the enemy. Help them to see above the clouds and away from the scales that can be over our eyes.

May Your angels be given charge over them concerning all of this ways…that they would bind them up in their arms, and not even their feet would strike against a stone.

Reveal to us our sin against You…it’s so hard to see our own compromises and and the roles we play in our own demise. Open our eyes to see what is sin against You so we can “repent and return, and times of refreshing would come from the Lord.”

Help us to understand Your word and not the twisted version we sometimes hear from the world. We want nothing but Your truth as we come into Your presence.

“Who may climb the mountain of the LORD? Who may stand in his holy place?

Only those whose hands and hearts are pure, who do not worship idols and never tell lies. They will receive the LORD’s blessing and have a right relationship with God their savior.”

Father, please save them from unwise counsel that is not from You. Even Jesus rebuked Peter when He spoke a false statement from good intentions. Let us prayerfully consider what we say and what we hear – always lining it up with the Bible and able to rightly divide this Word of truth.

Provide for them spiritually, emotionally, physically – even giving them a small glimpse today into what fellowship is like with You…when we truly surrender it all. It’s unlike anything we could ask or imagine, but we need to step forward in obedience and faith.

Work miracles today. Change hearts and minds and that believers and unbelievers alike will see Your glory. May we be on our knees before You with broken and contrite spirits, as we ask if this cup be taken from us, “but may it be Your will, not ours.”

We wait expectantly for what no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and what has not even entered into the heart of man…all You can do for those that love you.

In the Name that is above all names, Jesus.



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