Holy Holy Holy

My weekend was a little like this:

I try to listen to several pastors on a weekly basis:

  • Dr. Adrian Rogers, who is in heaven, but his messages and ministry live on through Love Worth Finding (lwf.org).
  • Dr. Steve Gaines, who is in Memphis, TN pastoring Bellevue Baptist Church. I came under his teaching after God lifted me out of the miry clay…after He set my feet upon a rock, a firm foundation…when He put a new song of praise in my mouth, so that many might see and know the Lord.
    • Dr. Kenneth Bruce, the pastor of my home church in Alabaster, AL.
    • And, just this past week, I’ve added Francis Chan to the rotation. I’ve read a couple of his books, but I’ve never tapped in to online messages.
  • This isn’t to brag, because frankly I have to surround myself constantly with God’s Word to keep my thought life and the overflow of my heart in check.

  • So, what happened this weekend that I’m frantically writing about it before my failing memory steals my joy?

    My writing is rarely published lately because I’m “pondering” on it longer. This one feels like writing a paper that’s due in three class periods.

    Yesterday, I was listening to Adrian Rogers and in one of the sermons he said something like this:

    Right now, there are angels in heaven proclaiming, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”

    But, on earth, that same holy Name is being profaned and cursed at every minute of every day from the mouths of men.

    Holy Holy Holy!

    This morning, I began watching Bro. Steve before my own church service. He was preaching from Isaiah 6. ❤️

    Holy Holy Holy!

    At the end of the service, in his beautiful voice, he led their church in this song (and I just hung this in our hallway this past week).

    Afterwards, they also sang the Revelation Song.

    Holy Holy Holy!

    I picked the sermon I listened to by Dr. Rogers from his archives.

    Bro. Steve’s sermon was live.

    There was no algorithm at work when Jesus is speaking.


    Now, I just have to figure out why I am covered up with these references.

    Arriving at my church’s service, the topic today was Great Commission Giving. Nothing from Revelation or Isaiah, but I was thrilled with the sowing, seed, planting references.

    That’s the theme the Lord started laying out for me in March, and here I am…still holding spiritual milk and waiting to see what we’re baking with this information and knowledge.


    Then, the service begins to close and our guest worship leader sings this:

    Um, yeah, I cried.

    Three pastors. Three messages.

    All proclaiming, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” in different ways this weekend.

    Back at home after lunch, I end up searching Youtube for information another blog post topic. I came across messages from Francis Chan about what Christians Need to Know About Demons and then after that, Popular Lies Christians Believe.

    These are the ones I decided to listen to after church today.

    When Francis Chan began his second message I quickly realize he’s in the Philippines for a conference (recorded three years ago).

    He jokes about their traffic and how many millions of people are in the city of Manilla and the total Philippine population. One hundred million.

    Then he compared that number to the angels in Revelation 5…myriads and myriads, ten thousand times ten thousand, who are around the throne saying, Worthy is the Lamb!”

    • A message on our speech and taming the tongue.
    • A message on worship.
    • A message on great commission giving.
    • A message on popular lies Christians believe.
  • Somehow, through scripture references or songs, they all mentioned the angels around the throne who day and night have continues shouts of,
  • Holy Holy Holy!




    I’m sure I will elaborate more in the coming days as this all sinks in, but I guess for tonight we should ask ourselves this:

    Are we proclaiming His name in honor and glory – or do we fall in the category of those who defile His name? We curse men in one breath and label ourselves a Christ-follower in the next?

    Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks… (Luke 6:45)

    A fountain cannot spring forth bitter and sweet water, neither can we praise God and curse then His creation… (James 3:9-11)

    He is everlasting.

    He is the Alpha and Omega…the Beginning and the End.

    Who was and is and is to come.





    May we speak of Him in such a way this week that others are drawn to the Great I Am.

    May we also seek to live in the pursuit of holiness.








    Francis Chan/Crazy Love


    Adrian Rogers’ messages can be found at Oneplace, Youtube or lwf.org.



    Dr.Steve Gaines at Bellevue Baptist Church subscription available via Youtube.

    Dr. Kenneth Bruce at Westwood Baptist Church available at http://www.gowestwood.org


    Revelation Song Songwriters: Jennie Lee Riddle / Revelation Song lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group


    Agnus Dei lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Scherzo Music Inc /Songwriters: Michael W. Smith

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