School’s Out For Summer

We were a little delirious after helping sort and stamp close to 1,400 envelopes of report cards and letters.

Field day was over and lockers were being emptied. The middle school students were silly and giggling and ready for this Covid year to be done. So was the staff.

It was clearly the last week of the school.* It was also my eleventh year of working in a public school system. As a 12-month employee, I don’t get to drive away after the last day of school, but it doesn’t change the atmosphere of change, excitement and relief as another school year ends.

For the first time, I am facing a goodbye to several long-time friends. These teacher friends are entering their next phase of life through retirement, marriage, children, or new careers.

Some of these people came to my school right out of college. I’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow, start families, and master the purchase order process. I will greatly miss them.

Good morning…it’s the last day of school.
We made it. We were open since August. 🙌🏼

I have taken selfies for the last few years and then I make a collage for my office to highlight our school days.

The photos in 2020-2021 greatly diminished with the arrival of masks and social distancing. So, with fresh vaccines and three days to go, I tried to capture as many parting memories as I could.

🎥 Leaving Kent Dairy Rd. – The Move of 2019

*This post does not represent any school system or school board. I do not speak for my employer or any other employee. Masks were worn on our campus the entire school year, even after the governor’s order ended. Masks were briefly removed for photos (optional and personal discretion) during teacher check out. This is simply a personal, heartfelt reflection of a ten-year milestone of friendships and God’s divine direction.

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