A glimmer in the dust?

Dusting is my least favorite chore. It reappears every day and is such a nuisance, but dust is ironically what inspired me today.

So, what movie reference could possibly correlate to dust?

Infinity War.

The Marvel heroes watched in horror as their friends and family disappeared into dust.

And for anyone who saw that movie, please take a moment to blink away the tears you’re trying to hold back.

Those scenes made it feel like everything was shattered beyond repair.

Only dust remained.

Nothing to hold or fix.

There are phases of life when situations or people we love feel like sand escaping through our fingers…or right before our eyes.

Your dust could be from a disappearing friendship, marriage, children, job, health or any number of things that when lost, we feel like there’s no way it can ever be whole again.

Although there’s no magic infinity stones for us to right all of the wrongs, there is Someone, even better than Ironman, who also willingly sacrificed Himself for the greater good…for the rest of the world to have a chance.

He is the ultimate potter who can form anything out of dust.

The devotion below was in my inbox this morning and it explains more about how to find the glimmer in the dust. The Marvel tie in was mine. : )

I love you 3000.

God loves you to infinity.

I so connected with this opening paragraph because I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of a feel-good, Christian story. The attempt is a loving gesture, but sometimes people just have to grieve, feel the pain, and wait on the understanding.

© 2021 by Lysa TerKeurst. All rights reserved.

Shattered Beyond Repair – Proverbs 31 Ministries


Infinity War directors discuss the dust. (Youtube, Rotten Tomatoes)

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