I Want To Say I’m Sorry

One of the hardest things we tend to face in society, in our relationships, or even with perfect strangers is our unwillingness to say, “I’m Sorry.”

The reasons why we don’t are too many to count, but I find that most people eventually regret this tight-lipped practice when their stubborn will permanently kills all communication.

And then the chance is gone.

There are many songs I could write about with the phrase “I’m Sorry” in the title or lyrics.

The choices range from rock and roll, country ballads, soulful blues, or even a lament of prayer.

I rediscovered this particular tune while cleaning today. It’s from one of the greatest songwriters and music artists ever, and the lyrics and message are in a category of its own.

Andrew Peterson’s unique melodies reflect the raw and truthful stories of daily life.

His music is timeless.

May these lyrics give you the courage to seek healing and love over anger and pride.

Even when it seems absolutely impossible for some, remember what is impossible with man IS possible with God.

And the fruit of the Spirit, who dwells within those who have received Christ, can supernaturally overcome any obstacle of division that the enemy has placed in your path.

🎵 Youtube: I Want To Say I’m Sorry

Well, I want to say I’m sorry but I don’t know how
But I’m sorry, I’m so sorry now

I said some words to you I wish I never said
I know words can kill ’cause something’s dead

And now my heart is like a catacomb
And I’m praying we can find a way to raise these bones
Again, oh, again

Well, I want to say I’m sorry but it’s not enough
To close the wounds I opened up

So now I’ve got this sorrow and you’ve got that hurt
And we can’t go back to who we were

Oh, but could that mean I’m someone new
Maybe I can love you better than I failed to do

Before the war
They’ll tell you everything was beautiful and pure
But there was poison in the well from years before

And now I’m cleaning up this wreckage on the shore
And I don’t want to fight with you no more

So I want to say I’m sorry that I drew the line
I built the wall, the fault is mine

And maybe now the only way to find some peace
Is just to give it time and trust in grace

So this is my communion hymn
I want to sit beside you at the feast, my friend
Again, again and again
And again

🎵 Apple Music: I Want To Say I’m Sorry

Songwriter: Andrew Peterson

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