The Upside Down Boat

October 17, 2021

If you’ve ever gone fishing, then you likely used a small fishing boat and possibly had to flip it over so it could be pushed out onto the water.

Did you ever find anything unexpected as the boat turned over?

Are you ready to hear something that I know will completely change you?

It will definitely alter your outlook of the week ahead you might be dreading. Whatever it is weighing heavy on your heart right now, this is going to help

Please listen to the whole thing. We both know you have time. I pray right now that God will make the time unexpectedly and supernaturally available.

And if you think for one moment this doesn’t apply to you, and you think you don’t need to know about spiritual warfare, please consider this:*

  • In the beginning, Satan was bold enough to approach Eve in the garden, when the earth was a perfect paradise, during a time when God Himself walked among them.
  • After the baptism of Jesus, he was lead into the desert to be tempted by Satan for 40 days.
    • Satan actually believed that he could offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would agree to bow down to Satan.
    • Satan constantly twisted and manipulated Bible verses in an attempt to trip up the actual Word of God.
  • Do you really think that he will hesitate to approach you or someone in your family as smooth and manipulative as he was in the garden? Or as relentless as he was going after Jesus, the Son of God?
    • This illustration was paraphrased from link below, Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table (Louie Giglio).

Satan has absolutely nothing to lose by coming after God’s people who are making a difference for the kingdom. If he can discourage us or cause us to give up and quit on doing kingdom work, then he got a win.

He knows your weaknesses and he knows exactly how to twist and manipulate you and God’s Word, until you and your family are too distracted by arguing with one another to even think about building the kingdom of God.

His schemes are so clever that we don’t always catch on right away, sometimes not until the damage is done.

I’ve seen it happen in a matter of seconds. It is unreal how quickly one can be deceived, and that is all the more reason you need to keep scrolling and press play.

We’ve got a plan. And we have to make sure we’re putting on the armor of God every day.

This message can help prevent this from happening to you. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but it’s way better than going up against the enemy on your own. Or worse, pretending that it can’t happen to you and failing to see the signs that can creep into our families

I listened to this in segments over two days and I’ve watch it twice. If you count all of the times I hit rewind, then I’ve probably heard this ten times this weekend. I honestly heard something new each time that I did not hear previously.

Play it in the car, while you’re cleaning, while you’re working or if you’re not sedentary like me, then you can easily listen while you walk or work out.

▶️ If you decide to deny yourself this huge blessing, at least go to the 20:00 mark and start with the Trunk or Treat, wack-a-mole illustration. 😂

Following that precious and hilarious story will be the upside down boat segment and it will fire. you. up.

Please trust me. You need to hear this.

Overcoming Distractions from the Enemy

Learn more about the schemes of the enemy and the Armor of God from a wack-a-mole game and a fishing trip involving an upside down boat.


Don’t Give The Enemy a Seat at Your Table – Louie Giglio 🙌🏼

Reclaiming a Backslider – A loving and encouraging message from Dr. Steve Gaines

Overcoming Tempting Thoughts – Dr. Steve Gaines


The Upside Down

Hallelujah Even Here

Though You Slay Me

If You Want Me To

For The Journey Ahead

You Already Know

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