Hallelujah Even Here

I think there should be a language where we speak only in song lyrics or movie quotes. I could be the leader of that tribe.

There was an Apple Music playlist on shuffle today. I intentionally chose one of their generic ones because it was more for background noise while I worked on something else.

An hour had probably passed when a few words caught my attention. They sounded familiar, but I had not heard this song before. I stopped everything and played the song from the beginning.

I listened to it five times.

Okay, it was way more than that. I’ve had it on repeat the whole time it took me to write this.

It reminded me of Paul and Silas singing from prison.

It put to music the verses from James 1:2-4 that appear everywhere I look.

It was a place for your heart to rest from lockdowns, pandemics and broken families.

It offered relief from depression and the desire to leave this world for our eternal home.

It challenged the stubborn and hard-headed.

It was an invitation to the broken-hearted.

It fit exactly with a sermon I heard last week, Why God Allows Trials

And, it was the exact opposite of what I want to do right now.

Right now I feel a little overwhelmed

Right now I could really use some help

Right now I don’t feel like it is well with my soul

I’ve tried to find a way around the mess

I’ve prayed in faith that the night would end

Right here when I just can’t understand

I’ll lift my hands

Hallelujah Even Here, Lydia Laird

Listen here: Hallelujah Even Here

Watch here on: Youtube

Playlist: A Friend In Need

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