Made To Love

I’m going to a concert this weekend and I will hear a song with these lyrics…

Made To Love, TobyMac

Made To Love


It’s like a photo that’s been filtered, cropped, shared, saved, filtered again, and then re-posted.

You can hardly recognize it these days.

Do we ever consider the original, authentic Love? Or do we prefer the edited versions?

Not to oversimplify the answer, but if we are made in the image of God, and the Bible says that God is love, then we need God in order to truly love other people.

Love without the backing of God produces a type of love that will never fulfill your deepest longings.

That’s why the human race continues to search for it because we are looking in all the wrong places.

Can’t Buy Me Love

One of the most abused forms of love involves money and manipulation.

Money can only buy counterfeit love.

It can buy temporary love and physical love, but it has never purchased real love because love is not a thing.

Basic human decency can compel people to do good works. You don’t necessarily need God to be considered a “good person” by wordly standards.

Some of the most ungodly people can display financial generosity. Think about individuals who establish charities or foundations to help others, but at a personal level they are known to be corrupt or cold-hearted.

You can be generous out of a sense of duty, for appearances, or for a tax write off. You don’t need love to be generous.

You can be a provider of food, clothing, housing, education, or meet any number of needs someone may have, but to do it without love can taint how the receiver views your gift.

Love Has A Name

Love is a person. It doesn’t matter what you rename it or how you filter it.

God will always be love.

Our ability to give real love is a natural byproduct of being connected to the vine. We have to do is stay connected to the vine (Jesus) and we will bear the fruit of His Spirit.

We were made to love.

We were made to love Him.

We were made to love others.

That’s why He created life.

And then life was given a choice.

Anything For Love?

I’ve listened to this song a thousand times, but today these specific lyrics made me think twice about what I was singing…

Anything, I would give up for you

Everything, I’d give it all away

Anything, I would give up for you

Everything, I’d give it all away

Anything, I would give up for you

Everything, I’d give it, I’d give it all away, oh yeah’

Cause I was made to love you

Made To Love, Tobymac

Would we really give up anything and everything to have this kind of love? Perfect love?

The world definitely offers some flashy and attractive substitutions.

Concert Update! 11.07.21
Made To Love & Lose My Soul…back to back ❤️
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