Fear Is A Liar

A few days ago, I received a phone call from my youngest daughter as she was driving in her car behind me.

“Turn it on 93.7, quick!”


She hung up.

This was very odd behavior for her, especially to make a phone call while driving. My husband and I looked at each other as I turned the radio dial, and this is what I heard:

I’ve had this song on repeat all week, but the deeper message just hit me tonight when I went to paste the video link here.
……I had not yet seen the video.
So, I deleted everything I had written and started over, because the music video changed things.
Drastically. It changed my whole day.
If all of my posts were tied together, there would definitely be a theme of fear.
I have battled pretty hard to run past it, hide from it, or escape altogether.
Fear will keep trying though, probably as long as I live, because the enemy knows how to discourage me.
Songs like this remind us it can be a dark battle.
Who in your life is in this battle? Do they have enough ground support and wise counsel? Does anyone have their back?
Finding someone who understands the fear battle is unfortunately rare. They either think you are weak, crazy, or they get it.
Fear has a pit where it takes people (I call in The Upside Down).
There are varying depths, and even if someone is holding a lifeline for you – you have to decide to grab it and slowly make your way to the top.
You have to decide not to listen to Fear. He is a liar.
He does take your breath.
Oh my gosh, he does stop you in your steps…because sometimes we are paralyzed in Fear.
Keep climbing.
Think on things that are true.
Breathe in the fresh air of freedom.
Take the hands that reach for you.
Learn how to battle spiritually because fear starts in your mind.
Fear is a liar. Fear is the one who kills. What other voice would convince someone their life wasn’t worth living, or someone else’s life?
Surely not the Lord. He creates life.
Please watch this video. This is now more than a song.
Share with anyone who is so overcome that they may have reached the end of themselves.
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