Upside Down

Today, Lysa TerKeurst announced the title of her new book.

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

But it was what she said about the cover that made me nearly spit out my sugar-free, zero-calorie water.

“No, you’re not seeing an optical illusion. The cover is upside down.”

Did she say, “Upside Down?”

Really? Come on! Tell me we aren’t destined to meet. I already have the t-shirt!

On the live video, she made a comment that the book’s subtitle would help explain why the cover photo was upside down, but I didn’t need assistance in that area.

I know what it means. In more ways than one.

She was in my city yesterday, too. I got an urgent text from one of the girls who was once in my Bible Study group. She wasn’t sure if it would be rude to approach her in the restaurant.

  • Is she surrounded by people? We don’t want to interrupt their lunch.
  • No?
  • Then, definitely – yes, just a quick word of encouragement.

I did well not to envy the moment and was secretly thrilled that my young friend was able to speak face to face with a mentor we knew only through books, devotions or social media.


At this time, please agree with me in prayer that in all my joking and fangirl admiration, I will never come across like this guy:

One More Book

Although I love, love, love to read – I just have too many books waiting on the shelf right now. So, I decided to download the Unglued audiobook.

I’ve known for a long time that I needed to read this book.

Not long after pressing play, she describes a towel/argument scene from my house.


Okay, not really my house.

She was talking about her children taking all of the towels from her bathroom and how her husband didn’t have one – and that led to an unglued moment. #exploder

I thought she was talking about me.

Then, she makes reference to “so much for my Pollyanna mentality.”




Do you really hear that many people mention Pollyanna? Because my blog and instagram are named after that movie and 95% of my friends have never seen it.

Didn’t anyone watch Disney movies in the 1980’s when we had to turn the channel knob on the television?



The Upside Down and Pollyanna. I can’t wait to read it.

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Lysa TerKeurst book announcement and preorder links:



Hey, let’s pray and not gossip about anyone in the ministry of spreading the gospel. ❤️


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