Strangely Dim

Over the last few months I had to tell Netflix, “I think we need some space.”

There were days and weekends where I would watch an entire season (not just a few episodes) of Hawaii Five-0.


We’re still friends (me & Netflix), but I realized it was just taking too much time away from my first Love.

So, I tried to make a new habit of listening to at least one sermon or Bible study video every day.

Why not binge-read, binge-listen, binge-study the greatest story ever written?

The sermons were in addition to my one-year Bible and other Bible studies/books I’m reading right now.

Instead of one piece of dry toast, I started feeding on a full Cracker Barrel-style breakfast from the Word of God.

I still love my cop shows, but those cannot dominate my free time, or my mind. If I’m only soaking in the world, then I’m weak, easily frustrated and depressed.

Pancakes flowing with maple syrup are delicious. However, stuffing myself with only pancakes day after day will also make me weak, frustrated and depressed. 😂

Just like when we take care of our physical training to increase energy and improve health, the spiritual discipline I began had almost immediate results.

How does God talk to us?

Through His Word.

The more we read in His letters to us, the more we know about Him. I would hear a verse or passage mentioned in a sermon from someone who is already at home with the Lord, or a pastor in another state – and that same verse would show up in my morning devotion, in a song, in an email, or in my one-year Bible.

It’s so amazing…and beautiful.

Yes, He talks to us.

His Word is a living conversation for us with the Creator of the universe.

Why is it, that we can taste and see that the Lord is good, only to push ourselves away from His table, walk around the room – and have a seat at the world’s table?

I look around sometimes and wonder if all people of faith, who truly love Jesus, go through phases in their walk with the Lord.

Personally, I am desperately weary of the merry-go-round.


🎶Strangely Dim


🎶Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

✨ (new from LD)


Bible Intake and Memorization:

Dr. Robby Gallaty, Dr. Steve Gaines


Love Worth Finding – Bible Sermons




The Book of Life


Outrageous Hope & Extravagant Joy


Why We Need The Bible More Than Ever




John Piper Excerpt:


What A Beautiful Name – Agnus Dei

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