Dark Valleys

When You Love Jesus But Hate Life

What in the world?! How about that subtitle?

I could replace half of my blog with this one book.

If I could, I would post so many quotes from this author that it would probably be considered copyright infringement.

It’s so perfect and he even has a sense of humor.

I’ve mentioned Dark Valleys in previous posts, like The Rain Keeps Falling, but I decided it deserved a post of its own.

The story behind this book is that I wrote a blog post on the subject of depression and it instantly went around the world beyond my usual readership,” said Smith. Dozens of people who read the blog reached out to me and I realized that people suffering from depression are embarrassed to talk about it. The last thing you want is silent sufferers who never find hope.

Todd M. Smith

I’ve read it twice and listened to the audiobook at least ten times.

The audiobook is almost better than the book (which is unusual), but the narrator was a perfect match to the voice in my head when I was reading it.

I wish everyone in my circle of friends and family would read and listen to Dark Valleys.

There’s no other way to truly understand a person who is walking through a dark valley – a person who loves Jesus, but hates life.

This book offers the very best description, and explanation of depression… with the right balance of spiritual focus, while still acknowledging medical treatment and counseling.

Are you in a dark valley? You are not alone. When you find yourself loving Jesus but hating life, rest assured you are in good company. Many men and women before you have found themselves in the same position. This life is filled with dark valleys, and most of us are just looking for an immediate way out of the valley we’re in. You may have been told the fix to the darkness of depression and sadness is either more prayer or more pills, more church or more counseling, more truth or more therapy. But what if the solution is not an “either-or?” This book won’t offer a quick fix or a shallow, over-simplified, five-step solution. What it will offer is an honest, hard look at depression, sadness, scriptural truth, and the promise that God is your shepherd.

Todd M. Smith

In this book, you will learn:

  • The crucial first step to take when you’re in the valley
  • Ways to find contentment in your darkness
  • The difference between joy and happiness
  • How to shift your perspective in the valley
  • That peace is found not in the absence of darkness, but in the presence of the shepherd

The next step is yours. Will you take it?

Thank you, Todd M. Smith.

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Todd’s book Dark Valleys offers an honest, hard look at depression, sadness, scriptural truth, and the promise that God is your shepherd. To order a copy of the book, visit https://amzn.to/2kKpNNH.



🎶 Psalm 23 – Shane and Shane

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Bonus Reading – Charles Spurgeon and Spurgeon’s Sorrows

Todd M. Smith also references this book about Charles Spurgeon and his battle with depression.

I almost didn’t believe it when I first started studying it, because I’ve only heard great quotes from Charles Spurgeon and never anything about his despair.

I suppose some brethren neither have much elevation or depression. I could almost wish to share their peaceful life, for I am much tossed up and down, and although my joy is greater than the most of men, my depression of spirit is such as few can have any idea of. This week has been in some respects the crowning week of my life, but it closed with a horror of great darkness of which I will say no more than this.

Charles Spurgeon

🎶 Psalm 46 – Shane and Shane

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